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Shev   heeey theeere.
coolertiger6   HEY, havent seen you in a while
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   no kidding
jimmyjoey12   Lord, your profile page is really unactive.
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   Yeah, but this isnt facebook
Delsim   Hello, kiddo! I wanted to talk to you about some things. Like one, how come you took off /back? And, earth bending is disabled? Why is that? I just want to ge ton the same page as everyone else ya know. Thanks again! :)
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   I dont have access to that stuff only malik and justin, blame it 100% on them :p
Delsim   Okay thanks! Who is Justin? Lost? And Im laughing about u rpost on tue main home page about being nice and Shot aaying that one of ur staff needs to tale mod classes
DeathTitan9   I donated the rest :3
Shev   Oh hai SoloMon.
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   Hey man long time no see!
Shev   I know. So what happened on CoW?
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   Nothing really new, just some talk about opening a second server that would be FTB
DeathTitan9   Yo Lord I donated a little more to CoW today and when I refil my card ill donate to get VIP+ and mod :3
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   lol ok
griff866   [link] CALSKY JOIN IT!
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   New ip?
werx23   Werx23
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   xXLordSoloMonXx
DeathTitan9   Yo Lord I was wondering if there are any other ways to become a mod on cow other than the vid.
DeathTitan9   Don't answer this ^^^ you already did yesterday :p
blazing2000   How Do I Apply???
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   There is a form
simba12345rocks   Was my app denied because I wrote more than 10-20 sentences?
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   No
mpc   I learn cmd hacking
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   nice you should tell me later
mpc   Why does Weasley or any of her friends go on here? What minecraft servers. do you play on
IRI IE ID (xXLordSoloMonXx)   n00bs these days
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