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Vicks   On that Defiance grind. PSN is Lau2125, send me a group invite for anything I wont duck you. Quack.
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cpt   keep it cool shrimp chips
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xHolicX   Vicks carry my hero someday
Vicks   Shrimp flavored chips are OP!
Khylie   eww i dont like your avi change it!!!!
Khylie   you fuckin sexc bastard...
Vicks   Feel like a dick saying this but DC just isn't a priority to me right now. Got alot on my plate but just wanted to give a shoutout to my homies in SN. Ill be on as much as I can. Hold down the fort while im away. OH YEAH?
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cpt   take yo time ninja
Khylie   your mad sexc :)
Vicks   Thanks! Vicks IS a pretty sexy beast. Rockin them captain cold shades since before megaserver.
Khylie   NOOB im talking about the guy on the left. *sigh*
Khylie   i change my mind
Vicks   Fuhhhhh so damn busy. Where is my DCUO time?! I'm feening to grind for some t4.
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Sam am I   dont do it. save yourself.
Vicks   After making it out I find myself wading deeper into the water. You SOB taking a break just as I get back. Why do you hate me bro? Tell tarrabyte that I'm sorry.
Khylie   Truth is, im your worst nightmare :)
Vicks   lol what is that supposed to mean? Am I to be concerned?
Khylie   Well duh lol
xHolicX   vickssss you should carry my hero lol
Vicks   Ha ive been away from the game so long my heros gonna need some carrying. when i come back ill hit you up and well gear up together homie.
Vicks   Thinkin about makin a little comeback...1600 MBs -___-
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Sam am I   welcome my brotha
xHolicX   Dooooooo itttttt
xHolicX   vicksss hows it going my dude
Vicks   goin good bro. been levelin up a villain with some of the guys from my league and one pieced. just waitin on this new content to come out on tuesday.
xHolicX   Thats whats up man, I should be coming back here in a few week. Heard you and some other redemption guys coming to one pieced, so ile c ya then
Sam am I   quit bullying my boys... i shall not stand for it!
Usagi Yojimbo   Yo we need to make that ggadgets dps tourney bro! lol
Vicks   lol so down for that, need to hype it up to show everyone what true gadgets players can really do. when, not if, that tournament happens its onnn sonnn. COME AT ME BRO.
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