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TSTACKED   yoooo dude welcome to DoS there is an initiation process of all new recruits...me you and a bar of soap in the showers at 0200 hours private HOAHHH!!!
FOLD FOR NO 1   You are a sick man. i have been waking early and working late the last week or so, but this week I get out early. I will be down to get some games in. Hit me up!
o TMACK o   thanks for your interest in Dead on Site. I am moderator and co-leader. if u have any questions or concerns....just msg me. But i think you already know that. Hope to see you on MW3 a lot more and looking forward to powning some noobs!! Happy Hunting! : )-~
FOLD FOR NO 1   Fuck you guys...Tebow's the man.
BNTYxHNTR   maybe well see this side of him again
excsw07   fuck tim tebow
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