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SheWhoLives   where have u been?
Sirruh   Ooo does somebody miss me lol
Kurunai   Fattyyyy
Liked this
SheWhoLives   ssshhh, kuru he wasnt suppose to know he is fat
DemonBlink   Ez.

P.S. You do actually look like Akon and someone I know at the same time o.o D:
Sirruh   i see o-o
SheWhoLives   actually i agree with DemonBlink
Jefur   lolll
Jefur   waw akon playing with us ?Oo
Jefur   lol , you'r realy looks like him :p , can you please seng (hola hola ) for me
Sirruh   lol go die
Jefur   ( ) . ( }
SheWhoLives   Silly Boi!!!
Sirruh   Aisha!!!
NOMNOMVivian   Eggs.... :3
Sirruh   ohai !
NOMNOMVivian   Oh hey buddy! :d
SheWhoLives   Aw, if u say so.
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