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Lewis   You already play for a while...
Agathಠric   welcome to the server and all, but don't start spamming all the things you can find for posts o.o please
kansa04   I like your Signature, Oh Snap!
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6hartja   Me too
6hartja   Good night :DD
ricebowl14   U got titan back grats =)
6hartja   Thanks :d How long have you been titan?
UCRyan ツ   He has been a titan for one looong time,... at least since the beginning of November / End of October!
pablosky101   MINECON WAS EPIC! it was nice to see you at our booth you da best :).
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6hartja   Thanks dude! Nice to met you!
Sparkles the Rabbit   its a bit unfair us who won titan dont get rank on PVP
Firebody (Chris)   lol dilski, appreciate what you have....
It is always the same, people get something, are lucky for having it and as soon as they get used to it they want more....
(Jason)~Creeperr   nice you donated but make sure you read the donor rules so you don't get banned
Sparkles the Rabbit   We should meet up!
Domi   Nice man!
6hartja   Going to bed :d
ResleyZ   Happy Birthday!
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angusthered   happy birthday
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