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oyarzun   go on cactuscraft some time
oyarzun   D= its been so long
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oyarzun   well i go on a server called cactus craft and i also still go on lostcraft SMP
oyarzun   catch me after school some time ?
shaftman17   what time do you get out? should i search cactus craft on google?
oyarzun   shaft can you come on sometime i mis you
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cheeseometer   Remember me :d
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shaftman17   I honestly dont haha. Im sorry how do I know you?
oyarzun   go make a ban apeal
shaftman17   I was banned... :( i feel terrible. I want to apologize to whoever it was that i greifed. It was the only time ive ever done it and i feel like complete crap. Lostcraft is everything to me and now its gone. :(
shaftman17   This is a ban appeal
CassieBear‚̧   wow... griefing BAD! and you dont make a ban apeal here -.-"
shaftman17   Yeah i made one. Thanks. and sorry! i realize it was bad! Im not mean i was just being stupid
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