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TIG RAGING COLE   New name it was DHG KING COLE but it is now TIG RAGING COLE
Flavez   Welcome back :)
TIG RAGING COLE   I will not be able to host practice tonight I have to work. Hope you all have a good practice tonight.
Sessionsz   Yep, no problem I'll find someone to cover if not I'll do it... good lookin' tho... also if your on elite I'm gonna be sending out a msg on the gen tag and posting on the steal board i've made us a group for everyone to join for STEALTH and theres also a main DHG one to join also... so make sure you jump on that when you got a chance.
TIG RAGING COLE   Make sure every one is recruiting and doing it right! If you need help just ask me. I'll be more then glad to help you out
TIG RAGING COLE   Need more people at practice
TIG RAGING COLE   My brother just had a kid so I'm going out of town. I am bring my Xbox whit me so I can try to get to practice tomorrow ( Tuesday the 15). I know for a fact that I will not be a practice on Wednesday.
TIG RAGING COLE   Great first practice for MW3! We need to have a full lobby every time
TIG RAGING COLE   Once I get enroll and got my school stuff and all that I will be back to practice and in the site on a regular basest
TIG RAGING COLE   Sorry I haven't been at a hole of practice or on the site like I should be it just that I'm busy trying to get enroll for school since it starts in Jan
TIG RAGING COLE   Everybody don't forget about the meeting tonight before practice! Hope to see ever one thier tonight
TIG RAGING COLE   Just bought the MW3 Xbox 360
TIG RAGING COLE   Can't wait for MW3!!
TIG RAGING COLE   About to probley play BLACK OP all night if anybody wants to do that just send me message that way we can start a lobby
TIG RAGING COLE   MIght not be at practice tonight dude to getting disconnceted all the time from xbox live. Hope to be able to make it
TIG RAGING COLE   Won't be at practice all this week.
xXxHemdroidxXx   Happy Bday
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