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AwesomestMatt   Happy Birthday Parziel!
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Parziel   Finally took the time to clean out my Xbox which was full of dust. There was a thick layer of dust covering the processor. Got to play some matches in Sunday game day, so I am happy now.
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NinJakeTsu   That is an excellent idea, just make sure to use compressed dust remover instead of compressed air as it has H2O in it. Also, if your disk tray ever stops working properly (ie: not opening when you want it to) send me a message and there is a mod you can do to repair this.
RECEPTOR 17   Congrats on making the Member spotlight this week!
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Parziel   Thank you! I am honored. As soon as my Xbox is fixed I will return to join the carnage!
Parziel   1 of 2 of my Xbox fans(one closest to A/V plug) sometimes doesn't work. Seems like Sweetness doesn't want to give up just yet.
NinJakeTsu   You could probably replace the fans unit on your xbox. I've had mine out before for cleaning and it just snaps into place and a small plug to disconnect and it's outta there. Just found one on ebay for $10.00. If your console is out of it's warranty period, that's whta I'd do. It will also like fix your overheating problems.
Parziel   Yeah, I was thinking about that. $10.00 would fit better in my budget than $99 to refurbish. Thanks!
Parziel   Sooo, I had to back out of the 3v3 Grifball Tourney because of the risk of my Xbox overheating and shutting off during the Tournament. On Sunday Game Day it happened during three different matches.

I cleaned the vents and removed some items that were around the Xbox, then I played Spartan Ops Episode 8 with randoms(Bleh!) and let the Xbox idle for a while. It seems to work ok. The fan used to make a weird noise when they hit max speed but not anymore. I still wouldn't risk it for something as important as a tournament.

I'm going to eventually get it refurbished in the next couple months.
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Magick Unicorn   "Hijack!" Lol! ;)
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Parziel   lol. I wonder how many hijack medals we got.
Magick Unicorn   I should have counted, but didn't. Next time. ;)
Parziel   If anybody is interested in some FREE Double XP matches, I have some codes that I don't need anymore.
NinJakeTsu   I'm interested in some codes please. Thanks Parziel!!
Parziel   Ugh, after 107 double XP matches I finally hit SR 50. Tooo much Spartan Ops...
John1117   thats not fair :) in EU we don't have these doritos with double xp codes and have to make our way the classic way, step by step :)
Parziel   I'm not proud, I already spent around $60 on the Doritos and Dew.
Ec1ip53   Hey man, long time no see. How's life treating you?
Parziel   Alright, I guess. Taking care of my sick grandpa has become a full-time job. I'm trying to hang in there with the group.

Thanks for asking.
Ec1ip53   I'm sorry to hear that your grandpa isn't currently doing well, that's awful. I greatly respect your attention to him and his health, as a lot of people these days seem to think it's easier to ship them off somewhere, then just never take an interest themselves. Family is the most important thing. :thumb:
Magick Unicorn   I agree! Taking care of your family makes you a real-life hero. Way to be!
Ec1ip53   Hey man, welcome to week 63 of the Name that Caption Contest. [link]
Parziel   Cool beans.
Ec1ip53   Hey there buddy, welcome to week 55 of the Name that Caption contest! [link]
Parziel   Me gusta!
GeorgeK 16 NZ   Happy Birthday, Parziel. I hope that your day is both enjoyable and memorable.
Parziel   Thanks!
Parziel   *Le sigh* My 5+ year old Xbox 360's(Nickname: Sweetness) disc tray would not open and I had to open it manually with a paperclip. Cleaned some dust out of the gears and now it opens only if a disc is in there. It got me scared thinking of losing her. lol

Cherish every moment you have with your consoles. I took my sweetness for granted, and neither should you!
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NinJakeTsu   I realize this is like a year old, but there is a fix for it. It involves masking tape and taking apart the xbox. Mine did the same thing, then wouldn't open even with a disc in the tray. I was able to fix it, it opens every time now.
Parziel   I might need to try that sometime soon.
NiftyClipz   Welcome to Midland, glad to have you join us and my friends list lol.
Gaaraofdeath   Welcome to Midland Base! :)
Parziel   thanks
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