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Emallia Moreau   I'm back, baby! ... maybe.
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Cheetahman (Not Russell Crowe)   Whatchu mean maybe.
Emallia Moreau   I make no promises! LOL
Emallia Moreau   Rawr.
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Cheetahman (Not Russell Crowe)   Moo.
Maxen   woof
Mahaal/Helladius   Hellooooooooooooooooo nurse!
Emallia Moreau   So who is still around? Where is the action? Thinking of rejoining... Something.
Emallia Moreau   So I could see an Alyss??!
CMikeHardy   I'm still here.
*Power Husg!*
Kismet   Still playing teh GW2 (and the FF14 sometimes) along with Alyss. You are missed. :3 *huggles*
Emallia Moreau   Is FF worth it? I can't do a DD so I'm trying to decide if it's worth the $$ to buy the game!
Alyss "Pain Train" Blackmore   Now that -most- of the server problems have been fixed, I think it's pretty worth it. It's fun, a bit new, but I haven't RPed in it yet. Though I do plan on it soon. So far, I'm really enjoying it. =D
Emallia Moreau   Can anyone suggest a game with a decent RP community? I can't seem to get back into GW2 right now. Maybe something fresh will work?
Emallia Moreau   I do have bootcamp, I just really really hate using windows! But I might have to. I at least have SWTOR and it's F2P now...
Mahaal/Helladius   SWTOR, Mahaal awaits. :p
Emallia Moreau   You actually are logging in to TOR?
Emallia Moreau   Mental note... Metal pipes do not feel good to kick.
Emallia Moreau   So many jokes....
Uranus has a Trojan asteroid, astronomers say
Astronomers have spotted a 36-mile-wide asteroid leading ahead of Uranus, in an orbit thought to have been impossible. By Charles Q. Choi, SPACE.com Contributor / August 30, 2013 A...
Emallia Moreau   Epicness.
Mahaal/Helladius   Guess what next week is.
Emallia Moreau   But I'm not working back in payroll until the week after!!! <tear>
Mahaal/Helladius   I'll save you some BBQ :p
Emallia Moreau   That might be sort of icky.
Emallia Moreau   Dear humans of the world! Placing paper in an envelope is not an origami project!

This overly dramatic statement is brought to you by me. ;)
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Emallia Moreau   I have lost my game playing groove. :(
CMikeHardy   That explains why you're not around much. :(
Emallia Moreau   Well, that and being sick and kids starting school and generally working at 7:00 am has left me with no energy. :(
Anerues Jurrias   Been there!
Emallia Moreau   This is an "older" song. In a weird way, I want model a character after this song.
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Emallia Moreau   This stomach bug can go to hell!
Emallia Moreau   I luuuurvs this song.
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Emallia Moreau   You know... Sons of Anarchy commercials just annoy me more than intrigue me.
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