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Blaacki   Hey m_, what's up ?
Mgc SaNdMaN   hey tricks we should add in traning lessions for for like quik scoping ctf domination and such to help strengthin the clan what u think
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Mgc EffectZz   TrickZ
Yo We should start a quick scoping group for Mgc?
Antony   I like your idea, ill add it in.
Mgc EffectZz   Did you Make a squad for quick scoping? , if so im interested in it
Antony   No
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Mgc NugNug   hey trickz i read about the mgc emblem my cousins are pro artists i caould get them to come over and talk to you about the design
Antony   Im interested.
Mgc NugNug   yeh ill talk to them bout it
Mgc KaiN   TrickZ,
Am I still eligible for the Gamebattles thing?
Mgc KaiN   Yo TrickZ, are you getting online today?
Mgc NugNug   hey trickz wasnt i spose to have a interview today ?
Mgc hEcTiC   TrickZ did you put up the winners of the hide and seek event?
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Mgc Jeffrey   Hey sorry I had to leave man I had some bad food
Mgc EffectZz   Is the clan meeting today Or next friday?
Antony   Very good observation. I will add him on to the list now. I am kinda confused on what you mean about i fuck with the music i listen to the songs while im looking at stuff.
Mgc EffectZz   i like the music
Antony   Oh, yeah the music was chosen by KaiN and Wodahs and only like 4 of them are mines. I more of a techno person.
Mgc Cracker   Awesome clan dude
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Mgc Cracker   hopefully i can level fast with yall. so far enjoy everyone and the clan. Glad we could give a helping hand.
Antony   Your Welcome. Hopefully you find Mgc to be the best fit clan for you and your propespective friends.
Mgc KaiN   Yo sup TrickZ
Antony   que pasa?
Mgc EffectZz   Aye Tony
I know i havent been talking to no one in the clan really and i was wondering Is there anyway i could get more active with Mgc?
Antony   Well talk later on today.
Mgc EffectZz   Ok
Mgc KaiN   TrickZ, is there only a certain number of Tabs that can be open? If so I think we should add a Chat box Tab.
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