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SurfXombie   FFXIV: Maintenance! Why don't I read the notifications, then i could sleep during maintenance!
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Alexandr Nocturne   Bah...notifications are for the weak.
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Girl with own bow seeks hornswagling adventure
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SurfXombie   Hat or plank.. you choose!
Diesel Fox   pirates? bout time :p
Geisterfuchs   Pirates me like
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Does he love that bow more than me?
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SurfXombie   FFXIV: It happened in Ul'dah... "Oh my.. the vapours"
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Ilwe'ran   Young Ilwe is hot.
Geisterfuchs   He's always hot
Ilwe'ran   I like that comment, don't know why x) !
Ilwe'ran   shared this image...
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Kuronan   The only thing between them is the Moon T.T I cri every tiem.
Ilwe'ran   Why you cry é_è ?
SurfXombie   Happy Easter already? Bonnet by Ilwe'ran ♥
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Ilwe'ran   Don't look behind you, Nebbs, there is a grumpy man with a big blue beard hidding on your coat.
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SurfXombie   Yea the new hair needs clipping (pun!).
Seriously for this reason I may go back to her original :(
Ilwe'ran   Noooo ! Change clothes instead @_@ !
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Nebbs gets her dance on
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SurfXombie   Yes there are four new dance, one from each city + a 4th.
Gridania is a harvist celebration type thing.
Limsa is like Irish dancing.
Uldah is a formal dance (what Nebbs is doing above)
The 4th is more whacky.
SurfXombie   @Kuronan, Yea it is a wizards set + the skirt/tights from a valentine set. I thought it pushed the look to "Witch". Also she has a staff with a talking tree head on it :) AND with the new glamour system this is Nebbs in her PvE healing gear, not just RPz :)
Diesel Fox   huh cool, deal I've wondered if they would ever since seeing the dancing girls in ul'dah
SurfXombie   I did a cull of inactive Friends, so if you read this.. *hugs*
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Artemisia   *eats it all greedily*
Geisterfuchs   Yay, I'm active!
Jamapi   *glomp!*
Ilwe'ran   We always find something to do right x) ?
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SurfXombie   Ghost huning with Spook-Goggle (tm).
SurfXombie   The new tank experience... What is this "wait" can't I use a Cd to avoid it?
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Kuronan   Remember the days when queues took 10 minutes, or how about when we literally had to yell in stormwind/ironforge/orgrimmar for a group? Be thankful they don't take as long anymore.
Ilwe'ran   Oh, that explains why you were shrugging next to me yesterday x) !
SurfXombie   @Kuronan, I remember when you had to travel to the dungeon to enter and find a group, those close summoning stones were nice but needed two people

@Ilwe, Yes I did t all for art!
Ilwe'ran   Guillotine.
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SurfXombie   Help Ilwe, I'm stuck in the bench!
Ilwe'ran   There there.. Now explain me how the hell it did happen :d
SurfXombie   Teleport malfunction
SurfXombie   Nebula Enchanted
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Kuronan   I'm going to be the guy that's going to die in about five seconds...
Those clothes make you look fat.
*Leaves while going doing that cartoonish WHOPOPOPOOOP! thing*
SurfXombie   Hmm maybe I need to stretch the picture?
Ilwe'ran   Maybe it's not fat. But normal. Not like all those mmorpg character that has their boobs bigger than their head and their waist as thin as than their legs.
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Ilwe'ran   Because you're cute.
Redamber   Because you introduced me to Flynn? We Become best friends and now we're a couple? ^^
SurfXombie   Nebbs is just a good matchmaker :) and nice that you two hit it off ♥
SurfXombie   Wildstar earlier Beta shots, with some Sushi and .. maybe others.
Wildstar Beta Photos by pmsphoto on Photobucket
Wildstar Beta Photos by pmsphoto. 82 photos.
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Geisterfuchs   ...and she's not amused about rude photographers
SurfXombie   Lol, and is she blushing?
Geisterfuchs   Probably.
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