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I know it's me that should read, and I did and thought it was yesterday while I was working, but no... yet again I get some sleep and wake up to maintenance.
Ilwe'ran   It's been a long time since the last time I shared something on your wall :)
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SurfXombie   Cosy yummy ♥
SurfXombie   FFXIV; Nebbs dreams of Pirate adventure.
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Kuronan   Nebbs actually looks nice in that casual wear.
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Maintenance! Why don't I read the notifications, then i could sleep during maintenance!
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Alexandr Nocturne   Bah...notifications are for the weak.
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Girl with own bow seeks hornswagling adventure
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SurfXombie   Hat or plank.. you choose!
Diesel Fox   pirates? bout time :p
Geisterfuchs   Pirates me like
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Does he love that bow more than me?
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SurfXombie   FFXIV: It happened in Ul'dah... "Oh my.. the vapours"
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Ilwe'ran   Young Ilwe is hot.
Geisterfuchs   He's always hot
Ilwe'ran   I like that comment, don't know why x) !
Ilwe'ran   shared this image...
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Kuronan   The only thing between them is the Moon T.T I cri every tiem.
Ilwe'ran   Why you cry é_è ?
SurfXombie   Happy Easter already? Bonnet by Ilwe'ran ♥
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Ilwe'ran   Don't look behind you, Nebbs, there is a grumpy man with a big blue beard hidding on your coat.
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SurfXombie   Yea the new hair needs clipping (pun!).
Seriously for this reason I may go back to her original :(
Ilwe'ran   Noooo ! Change clothes instead @_@ !
SurfXombie   FFXIV: Nebbs gets her dance on
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SurfXombie   Yes there are four new dance, one from each city + a 4th.
Gridania is a harvist celebration type thing.
Limsa is like Irish dancing.
Uldah is a formal dance (what Nebbs is doing above)
The 4th is more whacky.
SurfXombie   @Kuronan, Yea it is a wizards set + the skirt/tights from a valentine set. I thought it pushed the look to "Witch". Also she has a staff with a talking tree head on it :) AND with the new glamour system this is Nebbs in her PvE healing gear, not just RPz :)
Diesel Fox   huh cool, deal I've wondered if they would ever since seeing the dancing girls in ul'dah
SurfXombie   I did a cull of inactive Friends, so if you read this.. *hugs*
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Artemisia   *eats it all greedily*
Geisterfuchs   Yay, I'm active!
Jamapi   *glomp!*
Ilwe'ran   We always find something to do right x) ?
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SurfXombie   Ghost huning with Spook-Goggle (tm).
SurfXombie   The new tank experience... What is this "wait" can't I use a Cd to avoid it?
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Kuronan   Remember the days when queues took 10 minutes, or how about when we literally had to yell in stormwind/ironforge/orgrimmar for a group? Be thankful they don't take as long anymore.
Ilwe'ran   Oh, that explains why you were shrugging next to me yesterday x) !
SurfXombie   @Kuronan, I remember when you had to travel to the dungeon to enter and find a group, those close summoning stones were nice but needed two people

@Ilwe, Yes I did t all for art!
Ilwe'ran   Guillotine.
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SurfXombie   Help Ilwe, I'm stuck in the bench!
Ilwe'ran   There there.. Now explain me how the hell it did happen :d
SurfXombie   Teleport malfunction
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