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Stingwolf Blackheart   waves :d
Aramande   Hi! Do you know what happened to the AoR forums? They seem to have disappeared..
Nyxandra   Yeah, the old guild has been deleted by atakea so he could start a more PvP related guild, we are sticking with PvE, Hit up Whispers of Serenity if your interested in sticking with the PvE, immersion/ RP crowd. We'd be glad to have you.
Thornbridge   Was there even a warning? I mean that's bogus, and right after he did the whole "Roll Call" grrrr!!
Aramande   That's too bad, I thought the mixed guild was a good idea. Oh well, I'll take that advice and apply to WoS instead. :3
Stingwolf Blackheart   Hope youre doing ok.
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Kaytiff   Hey Xara, just a quick heads up. I was looking at the Roleplay section of the site and noticed your Tips section and that people should start writing their posts while they wait. I think it would be a good idea to note within the tips that the current chat system on the AOR site only allows 255 characters (including spaces) to be written within each message. So people can write their posts ahead of time and also calculate how many different lines of text they should split.
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Nyxandra   good idea. There's no rush since everyone is involved in skyrim now. because I do't think it's gonna start when half the guild is MIA ;)
Kaytiff   Perhaps not, but it's just something I think should be listed.
Nyxandra   Ans I agree. Zan controls that, I'll bring it up to him the next time he and I are on at the same time.
Zan   Happy Birthday! *Hugs & Kisses*!!! xD
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Samf   Happy Birfday!!
Stingwolf Blackheart   runs by and waves
Nyxandra   Oh NOES a drive by!
Stingwolf Blackheart   I feel left out because i dont have a charr plushie. *does a charr pouty face* {if they even have one :p}
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Nyxandra   hahaha, hmm Charr pouty face, I don't believe they would
Sabre Bleakspurn   The sponge cake is a lie.
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Stingwolf Blackheart   how about sponge...pie!
Nyxandra   Ermm spnge pie? lol
Stingwolf Blackheart   Yes sponge pie is better than cake because its....well its PIE!
Nyxandra   No twinkies allowed
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Brabrando   That was actually going to be the first question I was going to ask. It's been forever since I've last had one haha.
Nyxandra   Good. They are forbidden. None shall be allowed the joyful artery clogging consumption of the twinkie.
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