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The Secret World
ImBatman   Welcome to DCUO United. Glad to have ya.
Sam am I   yooooo... answer your fcking facebook... b1tch.
Misaka   Hmm
Imani Hype   I'll mail you your prize tomorrow brother. Grats on 3rd
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Misaka   Kk and ty
Usagi Yojimbo   Hey j1mmy tell ur guys to sing up for the 1v1 tourney on monday yo. Go to the KC forums sing up on the thread.
Sam am I   sup b1tch
Sam am I   goml
Sam am I   j1mmy v2 coming to teh 1v1 spot soon.
Usagi Yojimbo   hey faget DEEZ NUTZ in ur jaw
Usagi Yojimbo   no...no... you. KOS
Misaka   psssh like you can kill me. GET REAL. scrub
Usagi Yojimbo   2 ppl i dont like in this game you and carlos........oh and iAmSam ........oh and LMFAO.....oh and Superpatriot..... hell i dont like any1.
SSJ Carlos   Nice runnin pvp with u guys!
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Misaka   yeah man for sure. maybe next time we group up i can die 30 times :p
SSJ Carlos   l0l im soz my pharamones aren't opp with innates yet bro!
Mr Mindcontrol   hey whats the website called where they talk about all the pvpig brah
Misaka   [link]
SSJ Carlos   arenas arenas arenas q up premades when the game is fixed! :d
Refractory   Hmmm. Ice all day
Misaka   hmmm
Sam am I   sup bitch :d
Misaka   lol fuck you sir and yeah i replied after 2 hrs... IDGAF
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