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Nexus Ace   Props to Britteny and Zach for being 2 of the most underrated yet best healers on the pvp scene atm. People not giving them enough credit for keeping us alive so I wanted to :p
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Nexus Ace   You a GAWD tho Minor...DCUO Mexican Hall of Fame!!!
Player Versus Paradox   You're all OP! I'm pier neck
Grandma BeverlyHillz   *Coughs*
Nexus Ace   Permanently Retired.
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Sam am I   welcome :d
Sam am I   wardens of the north kicked your ass btw :d
Jester Hood   guess not
Captain Bosnia   i thought STEALTH is shit when i told you about to try it out like 5 months ago xD
Nexus Ace   One Pieced Swept! Big shouts out to everyone in OP who helped get people ready and who were there throughout Olympus. People like Dose, Steer, Zack and everyone else. Shit also the people who helped us get the rings/necks the last few days before the tournament! Was a league effort and I dedicate these wins to my main nigga IamSam!
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ZACH   We all no u will Sam no biggie enjoy that pussy :thumb:
SteerSpike   op > every 1 else
SteerSpike   why u keep forgeting im a tank scrub just hmu .. thats insulting lol
Grandma BeverlyHillz   Sheer Dike
Nexus Ace   Looking forward to trying to bring home two rings on FNL on August the 9th...Gawd I hope I don't choke again :(
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Nexus Ace   Missing all my One Pieced homies...except Grime, Trigz and Minor. I fucking hate them :p...I shall return soon!!!!
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Minor   You were gone? :shock:
General Trigz   ^
2 Arena Ring Grime   ^
Player Versus Paradox   I can actually go places now. Hit me up
Nexus Ace   about damn time!
Nexus Ace   We have been waiting for this update for 2 years now....and people still want to just pve. SMDH
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ATARI   i know we are only pve'ing to get the expert plans we need to pvp. once everyone got what they need, it will probably just be the one raid day again.

we havent had the best luck with plans, resto/might dropped for us 3 times.
Nexus Ace   We have only 2 of the pvp plans people use. Network out to get expert mods...that's what we have done. Plus 80% of our league still isn't expert modded.
Player Versus Paradox   Carebears! I'm not modded at all
Nexus Ace   Thanks to Sam, Varnae, Martiis, Grime,Steer and the rest of OP who helped this bum finish his collections and briefings :p
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2 Arena Ring Grime   Grats :lol:
General Trigz   Gross
ulyX   36:15] <[OP] Purple Ace>i just wanna jackhammer ninja batman
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Nexus Ace   NEXUS BEAT!!!! COME AT US!!!!
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Nexus Ace   Replacement is KOS from Fight Club until he can prove to us that he has 1. Started reading the Dictionary on a consistent basis and 2. Has shown significant improvement in his understanding of the English language.
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The Wise Negroe   lmao
Wartog   shared this image...
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Nexus Ace   Official TACO TRUCK ANTHEM
Mexicans cross the border everyday...now, we're here in the ...
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