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Mirura   Artwork commission info, all in one with examples. Got a spot open at the moment, I don't keep a queue as this is a side gig for me and I want to fully focus on one client at a time :)
Commission information, locked down!
I'm open for character art commission inquiries! Here's all the final deets condensed. Base rates: Standard full body painted character shots €100/$130 [x] [x] [x] [x] High complex...
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Mirura   I've seen a bunch of my Mir artwork crop up around the internet, especially on RP sites, and ironically also Star Wars roleplay communities. If you see it pop up, it's not me, I'm not active in RP anymore and I've only played her in the SWTOR circles you know me from and on Anarchy Online. It's a bit scummy taking someone else's RP character art for your own use though!
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Darth Thyrus   We shall be ever vigilant, lady paintbrush.
Mirura   Mir, as interpreted by the utterly kickass Lindsey Laney. [link]
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Mirura   Timelapse of the Vemrich painting. 4 hours condensed into 5 minutes.
Vemrich timelapse
Total painting time 4 hours. Final image here http://echosta...
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Mirura   Lord Vemrich
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Rasheke   Like a sir.
Vemrich   Absolutely amazing work!
Exel Kar   Sadistic looking bastard. Just like Vem! So that must mean a job well done :)
Mirura   Ahji's final look.
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Vemrich   Oh wow, that detail around the eyes! Great work, as always
Mirura   Ahji'Dar! Now to come up with an outfit with a black-darkblue-brown scheme, with pants.
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Everyn   Looks cool!
Devlo'nir   There is actually a Dark Blue & Brown Dye in the cartel boxes that I'm using on Dev now. Will probably be available on the GTN. Only real shame is that you use up dyes.. so you first need to find the look, and then apply the dye.
Mirura   I've looked at it but the dark blue is too outrageously blue. I'd like a more desaturated tint. :[
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Hananya   Hair, changes, new stuff, dyes. MADNESS!
Mirura   As I've promised I'm hopping back on TOR for the Cathar and recustomization release! Resubscribed on my account.
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Rasheke   Furries everywhere!
Mirura   So much pussy I can't even handle it.
Mirura   Completely unrelated to Thyrus's announcement, but I'm taking some time off TOR due to work pressures piling up and personal projects needing completion. I'm going through more stress than I can really handle and refocusing to get stuff off my table for a while will make things a bit more bearable - my health tends to plummet when I'm stressed badly enough and it's going a little too close to that threshold. So even though I'll be on Skype, I probably won't respond, I'm busy working on things, even in the weekends.
Exel Kar   Hope you feel better soon, Jen.
Mirura   I should add there is no drama associated with this! It's purely my schedule that has been an issue for a while, and occasionally calls for reprioritization.
Mirura   Thought of the day: Boundaries are like buttholes. Everyone has one, they're more important than we sometimes think, some don't want theirs prodded at all and some can stretch further than anyone really wants to know. And most importantly, always ask before you touch someone's butthole or boundaries.
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Hananya   *Has horrible mental images of stretching buttholes*
Rasheke   This must be implemented into the Jedi code! Now!
Covenant   Yes, Rasheke, I bet you would like to stretch lots of butt-- Ahem.
Mirura   Gender swap!
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Mirura   I got asked for a small breakdown on drawing Jedi robes on my blog. Might be of interest here, too.
Link Description
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Mirura   Microwave chocolate cake in a mug.. The most dangerous invention of mankind, and decadently easy to top with other dangerous things like blueberries, nutella and syrup to start a morning. Bye, diet.
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Mirura   Mir has landed on Coruscant. Would love to get in contact and/or trouble with Republic players!
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Sidre   Oh ooh, pick me.
Mirura   The more the better! The outing is for a very flexible stretch of time so if you catch me online as Ione-Ye give me a nudge.
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