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[VP]BARI   :( The clan is diying !
[WP]Lova   hey bari download cleo 4 [link]
.....and download this
paste it in cleo folder :)
thats how i snipe what an M4 in the server :d
CLEO 4 Library
Welcome to the official site of the CLEO library. The fourth version of this project is available here. Now the CLEO library supports GTA III and GTA VC that gives new possibilitie...
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[WP]Lova   download steam from here >.>
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[WP]Lova   hey man imma upload the *series*
[VP]BARI   where is, give me link :)
[WP]Lova   Here!
[VP]BARI   k thnx ;)
[WP]Lova   cool!!! add me :d search up [WP]Lova
[VP]BARI   okei ;)
[VP]BARI   hey ma steam is giving problem, so u can find me by email, [link]
[WP]Lova   hey man how ya doin
u got steam O.o
[VP]BARI   I downloaded it, here is the link;
[WP]Lova   yo bari let's play there for a while :d
[WP]Lova   Bari can u send me the ip for cod ressurection samp?
[VP]BARI   Okei send it , see it n tell me da time scehdule ;)
[VP]BARI   WTF No ! Movements :d
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[WP]Lova   hey buddy im now a good camper =D
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[WP]Lova   i hope the server is back up =D
(This kinda look like facebook XD)
[VP]BARI   Well it will take time to fix bugs..........And about FB its copy cat .! xD
Cerber   Get a hobby :d
[VP]BARI   Making Study N REsearch ma Hobby...! wats ur ;D
[VP]BARI   Everyday 50% people in mp game says me dat i am an italiano. n say rubbish in italian language, n i keep on sayn dat its (BARI) ma nick but they cant understand.So wtfin hell is wid dem :(
[VP]BARI   Yup :)
[WP]Lova   lol XD i've been playing CSS i am filipino but i use english more...so!!! people said im a white faggy boy XD
[VP]BARI   It hapens xD
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