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This is the site of Legion of Zen, a community of some of the best in DC Universe. We will always strive to be even better.
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Karma   By the way I am no longer Karma B, I have evolved, pokemon style, I am now ZenMaster Karma! Go Respec now!
Karma   I returned to this game, whats good yo!
Karma   I will always be zen at heart
Karma   I'm back, bring me shorties.....
Karma   thats in response to siftings comment
Karma   [img]link for the picture [img[[/img]
Grin   No image...
Sifting   Site is great karma.... noob question though how can I post pictures though.
Grin   Hell ya man, had a really good cycle going!
Grin   Good running OBC T2 man
JadenKorr021   Hey Let me know what you need help with for the site. Link wise and and helping with relevant posts and stuff.
Karma   thank you
Karma   Impossible is Nothing.
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