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Xynthias   I might get my hands on a PS4 this morning. I'll only have BF4 to play on it for a little while. Is Killzone Shadow Fall worth it for the MP?
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Tarheelnation86   The MP on KZ is actually more stable than on BF4
colayandaway   the sea is more stable than MP on BF4
Xynthias   Life pulls you left. Life pulls you right. Life has been a busy thing, but hey at least I finished GTA V's story. ONLINE CAN YOU COME ANY FASTER PLEASE?!
RedDevils195   aha, I haven't played it much only finished 6%. Haven't really had time to play it ;p But I'll definitely start playing it a little more when multiplayer comes out. Only a week!
(Same day as Terraria 1.2 and BF4 Early Access Beta)
Xynthias   Yup, I'm torn between playing BF4 and GTA Online haha
b86davis   Thanks for joining us on Defiance hope you enjoy it as much as I do . Tarheel is out of town till tomorrow afternoon he will be the one who sends you clan invite if you haven't gotten it yet you can add him on PSN it's Tarheelnation86 and when he returns home tomorrow afternoon he will shot you a invite .
Xynthias   Picked up Dead Space 3 from the free games selection. Why? Because CO-OP SLAUGHTERING NECROMORPH TIME. THAT'S WHY.
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Xynthias   Got my copy of SimCity today. The game is such much fun. People need to stop bitching that it's not a hardcore simulation, and it's driven to be an unique experience that other games out there can't really deliver. If you want hardcore simulation then go play a 4X strategy game, or something from the Anno series.
Xynthias   My name is Enjin, and I don't know how to update a signature automatically after a week. Is it just me, or did I miss something in my absence that you have to do to push the updates forward?
Foxfire49   What signature?
Xynthias   Enjin BF3 signatures
Xynthias   Hey, fellow members in CSR. If you're in the BF3 PS3 division then go read over my thread. Post your comments, and thoughts on the topic. Please don't if you haven't played CTF, or simply do not own End Game.
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Xynthias   Did some work in whopping ass tonight on our BF3 server. We have people breaking the rules pretty often. Someone's gotta get the ball rolling on the serious banhammer job.
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b86davis   Every time I spawned normal spawn got a vehicle that was loaded with c4
Xynthias   Did you write down their names? I reported the two I had to IceMonkey.
Tarheelnation86   The guys are working on getting some more admins for the server. Should have them up soon hopefully.
Xynthias   The last program I had to write made me want to kick something to the moon. Had some bad bugs in the draft, but it's all clean now. I'm down for some late night BF3 on PS3. Add Xerceves on PSN.
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Xynthias   Alright I'll be on pretty late probably. CST time zone here.
Redkaittu   i sent you a FR on Battlelog... lol you got the same K/D as me. 1.21!
b86davis   I had to go to bed ill be on this afternoon bro
Xynthias   Had some good games tonight.
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Battlefield 3: End Game Launch Trailer
Battlefield 3: End Game delivers some of the most high-speed...
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b86davis   That's not letting me respond to you just go click on search servers type in CSR it should come up that's only one I know of if I'm not mistaking its Close quarters
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b86davis   Ill be on as well
b86davis   This is what I'm looking at now it's CSR Clan Server and its TDM Close Quarters
Xynthias   Thanks, I got it added to favorites.
Xynthias   I love it when I'm pretty much responsible for moping the floor clean during TDM. Seeing person after person over matches on the enemy team quit from being destroyed. It becomes bittersweet because then you have to find a server that's more alive, but thank you for the G36C kills.
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Xynthias   I'll be playing Torchlight 2 through tonight and probably most of tomorrow. If anyone wants to join me my steam name is Xerceves.
Xynthias   I was pressured a little into trying MechWarrior Online by some RL friends. I'm actually really enjoying the game. Looking forward to outfitting a jump-jet sniper build on the CTF-3D model. Feels good to play an FPS that has a shining difference in gameplay.
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