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Wukong   If you come back forever I'll give you pedo candy forever.
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Astrea   R u guys really coming back. Don't tease us D: !
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oyuki   just me maybe...
oyuki   5G update r u srs?
[Dallas]Noire Dew   Respect tokens. Any power or movement :p
oyuki   i miss dcuo but am scared to go back because i worry nimbus yosh will challenge me to a duel. SORRY GUYS.
[Dallas]Noire Dew   ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE NICO???????????
Sam am I   i am a six star fan xD
Wukong   COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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General Trigz   I miss you guys :(
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oyuki   we miss you too, what ever happened?
Astrea   Come back! Blame it all on The Chef! :d
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Moon Bird (Bobbles)   FK Yoo lady snowblood >.>; lol how the baking going?
oyuki   F U MOONBIRD
Bohachi   F U MOONBIRD
pontius pilate   F U MOOAN BORD
Astrea   Can you give me the link to that beach party screen shots please? :)
Energy Loop   Energy Loop says Hi =D
General Hornet   whats your heroes name in the game?
oyuki   lady snowblood : )
Astrea   You guys' queuing woes is hopefully over this Thursday. <3
Usagi Yojimbo   Go Gadgets Gooo!
oyuki   yay for update 4! death match omg omg omg
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