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Acidflare666   [link]
ZS Sanctuarii   sure I can get on at around 11:45 gotta go into work for a few hours but after that its the weekend for me lol :d. Still have that campaign and online.. Now I'e come to like quick matches :d less sawed offs >_>
BIRDMAN   congratz my friend
iTz That Simple   Hit me up on Xbox Acid.
OriginalxV3NoM   I have got Duke Nukem..

Its really good and funny.. :d

I just joined ZSG.. :)
EG_Mayhem   Never let lossing a GB match get you down, it's all a learning experience.
There is always someone who is more experienced and better than anyone at something. Just keep practicing what emotive and I taught you and I promise you a win in the near future.
Keep up the good work Acid!
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