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somerandomguy8   Yo Yelp it's me lostblaze how ya been buddy? Long tim no see.
quinnley   hey yelp whats up
yelpet   Just a little update for you guys on my life, and the computer issue I've been having. I've been pretty busy in the past month; I had a week and a half of driver's ed, two weeks of band camp, and quite a bit of school summer projects to finish. I start school on Thursday, and will have my first AP class in my first term. So needless to say, fixing the technical issue I've been having (the one that is stopping me from logging onto IL) is pretty low priority at the moment. I'm still working to fix the issue and hope to be rejoining you guys soon. Thanks :d
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Jam_Cat   I Love You Yelpet x
yelpet   Went on a bit of a Personality/Political Affiliation Test binge today... My results are:

Jung Test/Myers Test: INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
Political Compass Grid Test 1: Economic: 6.88 | Social: -0.77 (6.88/10 units to the right wing, .77/10 units to social libertarian)
Political Compass Grid Test 2: Economic: 5.85 | Social: -2.31 | Right Wing Moderate/Social Libertarian
The Fascism Scale: 3.44 (Less Fascist than the average American)
Political Spectrum Test: Tea Party Conservative (Don't remember the exact result, just know that it was near that)

According to statistics of these quizzes, I qualify much more as a libertarian than I do a republican. Even though I kind of already knew that. >.>

If I've ever said anything bad about libertarians, forgive me x]
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dman2898   Jung Test/Myers Test: INTJ also

Political Compass Grid Test 1: Left 8.93, Down .17

The Facism Scale: 2.566666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 (Liberal Airhead by its standards)
anderos   Im only right 2 and down one. But I call myself a Libertarian. 0.o
azuala1   Happy birthday dude :d have a good one .. and save a piece of cake for me ;') !!
Shadowbrother   Happy Birthday Yelpet! :d
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yelpet   Thank you :d
michael_mine   hey yelpet, whats been going on lately? i havent seen you since F.E :/ good times
yelpet   Drum Major tryouts are in a week... I am ready to begin the nonstop conducting practice... e.e
Colbm   yelpey
Creepurz   G'luck Yelpet :3
dman2898   And how'd you do?
dman2898   Like my horse, You'll never guess how I got the name
ignaciobenji   Yo do you remember me??? (darklordrevenge)
yelpet   RIP Margaret Thatcher, never a more amazing leader. Wish we had someone like her in America... :/
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yelpet   She was only hated by lefties. She drug you guys out of a huge recession, you owe her some respect and credit. She fought against socialism and preserved the economic freedoms that England was once known for. She raised England's GDP by 23%, which is extreme. And she didn't "raise" taxes like you think, she lowered income taxes, but introduced INDIRECT taxes in place. Indirect taxation is what has made Texas one of the most prosperous states in the United States. She slowed down the hyperinflation that was caused by the socialism that was creeping into the economy. Nowadays, in the US, socialism is becoming an imminently more heavily looming threat to our way of life. Everywhere we look a new social program is being implemented, which takes away from our economic liberty. America needs a woman like her, even though she may not be liked by liberals/leftists, it's what is best. She said herself, she isn't in the job to be 'liked.' It's sad that people don't see the blatantly obvious.
ronandjoyce   Indeed she was a great Prime Minister during that time. Btw Reagan was kinda like her at that time....
yelpet   I know, they worked together a lot. Talk about a dynamic duo. :d
evilkebab   hmmm...Ya know i always thought your right arm was a hood until now... thought you only had one arm..but now i see that hood is actually you scratching your head, or getting ready to throw a knife at something...
Tyler L.   Yelpet, could you kindly add me as a friend?
Jmahnh2o   Is it fwee?
yelpet   I wonder if I should sign up for Elder Scrolls Online Beta :o
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yelpet   ._. [link] I signed up last night
IxIHReeceHIxI   You can sign up but they've already accepted a few people.
yelpet   That was only the first small wave, they said it was only about 100 people that got accepted in that wave. Once they get to the stress testing portion of the beta, they'll be accepting thousands.
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