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NOS v1   so during the weekend i played MLG with MLG Pro Gundown...... lets fuckin go! xD
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DHG Create   <3!
xtrawatery562   ok for one batman steals your money seriously i have friends in high places and they looked into it the bank account linked to that paypals is his and his wife actual regular account they could taken a few minutes to make one for dhg but they didnt because they want the money for them selves look at the signs you give them like a hundred dollars and they do like a 20 to 50 dollar prize where did that extra money go? it didnt go toward the next tournament because they always charge for the tournaments. so they are making a profit off of you people dont let them join DGX at [link] or even alg would be better than this clan u can join them at [link] . please listen to me if u want to know more about the shit thats been going on behind your back just pvt message me no one has to know you asked im just here to help.
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NOS v1   BlessTheFalls Album is out now :d every one check it out yea? (:
NOS v1   <object width="620" height="348"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"/><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"/><embed src="[link]" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="620" height="348"/></object>
NOS v1   every one copy this link and watch the video :d
DHG SatanCookie   The Devil Wear's Prada?. Is That The Shirt You'r Wearing?, I Could Be Completely Wrong Though, Lol
NOS v1   yea it is lol (:
NOS v1   a bag of weed a bag of weed everything is better with a bag of weed you dont need crack you dont need speed everything is better with a bag of weed! :d every body sing along! lmfao! xD
NOS v1   when you know that youve finally made it can you make your way back... make your way back home.
Song:Closed Eyes Still Look Forward
DHG Create   <33333333333!!!!!!!!!! I miss you Alex!
DHG Create   You are loved. :] and okay. :d <3
NOS v1   yayy! (: lol you should text me! (: and that way i can have your number so i can text you and be like GET ON HALO! and stuff like that lol ^_^ 256-200-1941
DHG Create   okayy :]
NOS v1   who took the cookie from the cookie jar? .... i took the cookie from the cookie jar! :d
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NOS v1   i stil have yet to be beat in a 1v1 :d hahaha
NOS v1   hell yea bro! im down! (: hahaha my gt is MLG NOSs add me and we will do a best of 3 ;) lol
NOS v1   it seems that every time we have MLG mondays i never loose lol i drop 20 or more kills every game :d (DHG Creat is in my back pack :p) haha i love MLG mondays (: and btw if i get the sniper.. im gonna blain ya ;D
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DHG Create   I love being in your back pack! Its so comfy in there! :d And you didn't get on tonight. :'[
NOS v1   lol i know right :d haha i make it comfy for my friends ^_^ and sorry :[ my internet was down.. but its up now and ill be ontoday k? :d ill be on around 3:30 today :] so you better be on at that time k? (:
DHG Create   lol i work until 6 and then i have karate. but we are playing right now, so its okay. :}
DHG SatanCookie   I Know This Is Gonna Be Really Random,
But I Just Thought I Should Say That
I Like You'r Shirt. Suicide Silence,
Is Beast, Lol Just Saying. \,,/
NOS v1   lol hell yes! their fucking amazing!! (:
NOS v1   if you have watched my video on my file share called OMG!! then i just wanted to tell you how it went :) i got up the lift snipe kevin and this is my reaction..... OH MY FUCKING GOD!! HAHAHA TAKE IT TO THE FACE KEVIN! xD LMFAO!!!! kevins says dude thats B.S. i walked right into that lmao!
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DHG Create   True story.. :]
DHG Create   I was there. :p
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