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Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Never stood a snowballs chance in hell in this warzone. At least I got top damage. Did I have to get nuked every time I left the phase wall?
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Marduku/Ïshtar   Voidstar is Assassin's best friend but sniper's worst nightmare :d
Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Its not the warzone that was the problem by any means or measure. Rather the team we we're against.
Augarit   Jug..please dont inv me to future ops via the site...i'll sign up on my own thank you
Augarit   Juuug
Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Great.... Now I'm being Aug-ed on my account as well... -_-
Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Been a while since I did so well in a warzone. Starting to get into my jedi shadow. Also! The first republic character I've gotten past 30! xD
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Augarit   Way to go Jug
Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Got bored (no operations D:)
So I decided to make a picture for my bounty hunter.
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Mitchell   Is the price worth it ?
Jugetzo The Juggling Juggernaut   Every credit helps :)
Augarit   How much you charge for services anyway?
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