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Phakeone   anyone that plays Diablo 3 hit me up Phakeone #1871
Phakeone   Hit 40 last night in swtor...going slow got full 40 pvp set...looks cool...10 more lvls to go...maybe this week
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Phakeone   doing better in battle grounds ....
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Phakeone   first arena ...20 kills 2 deaths ...and didnt know what the hell i was doing ..swtor pvp is alot of fun get xp , money and pvp points
Phakeone   star wars quest are like guild wars and combat is like allods/wow ....even same buttons exactly
Phakeone   anyone ever plays star wars the old republic......msg me ...names phakeone ....server Infinite empire....dark side :)
Phakeone   oh yeah Minnie talked me into trying this server so far game is so much fun ...i really like the way swtor is ...best of pve and pvp for a change
Naghtsieger   Yea, Minnie is telling me to join the server too. Just playing allods until i get bored of the 51 patch.
Phakeone   yeah i was just getting sick of how costly allods was getting to be a endgame player
Phakeone   need to get better armor on gw phake one ....
Phakeone   In Defense of the Eye ...finished......was my goal.....
Phakeone   it was the master quest in eye for ebon skills
Unoa[Allods] - Lugosi[GW2]   oh yeah. sorry I think today I must go to hospital :[. so can't play any game.
Phakeone   oh ..hope your ok msg me later or talk to me when you get on tomorrow ...really hope your not hurt bad or sick
Phakeone   ok ....i love gw.. :(
Phakeone   rewards for logging on
Allods Online News
We have a special event for the community leading up and into the release of Patch 3.0, Overture of the Damned! Introducing Allods Play For Rewards! The rules are simple - play for...
Phakeone   new pvp arena lvls

Level Range
23-25 26-29
30-32 33-35
36-38 39-41
42-44 45-46
47-50 51
Phakeone   so patch is 2/15/12....cant wait..hope lvling is easier this time around....glad to be summy :p
Phakeone   wow torwin is back in asc...
Synfiend   lol.
Phakeone   upside is 2 people with crazy 4 leg dreads
Phakeone   downside is kabeng is playing torwin now....but atleast we got another healer and tank on torwins account
Phakeone   New lig warrior is fun...Phakeuno...spanish version of Phakeone lol
Phakeone   Make sure to do Aod this weekend and take screen shots for prizes on forum

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