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Miky   Another great one!
The Best of HK-47 (KOTOR II: TSL)
This is the sequel to my popular "Best of HK-47" videos. I s...
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drevan   My favorite character of all time in KOTOR,next to krie and atton
Stargazer   *brings cup of warm tea and some cookies*
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Miky   shared this image...
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Miky   :)
Star Wars Galaxies - Entertainer Music 4
1.Carnival 2.Pop 3.Boogie
Bensai   :) Oh how I miss SWG still.
Miky   Tell me about it :)
Miky   Merry Christmas my friends! :)
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Miky   Yummy :)
Star Wars Galaxies - Entertainer Music 3
1.Funk 2.Swing 3.Calypso 4.Zydeco
Miky   Calypso was my favourite song!
Miky   Another one :)
Star Wars Galaxies - Entertainer Music 2
1.Ballad 2.Waltz 3.Jazz 4.Starwars4 5.Virtuoso
Miky   Yeah, what music was best from an Entertainer performance? What do you think?
Darg Allyn   Loved my entertainer, and my little astromech that would spray disco fog all over the place hehe
Miky   Yeah, I can remember! Loved cantina full of players. Pre-CU was great one. :)
Miky   Nice good times!
Star Wars Galaxies - Entertainer Music 1
1.Starwars1 2.Rock 3.Starwars2 4.Folk 5.Starwars3 6.Ceremoni...
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Miky   shared this image...
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Miky   Finally. :)
STAR WARS®: Knights of the Old Republic™ II on Steam
Five years after the events from the award winning Star Wars® Knights of the Old Republic™, the Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of cr...
Bensai   Haha I know, right
Miky   I can remember for petition requested that game hehe.
Miky   .
E3 2012: Interview with Daniel Erickson of BioWare and the F...
Star Wars: The Old Republic has been out since December of 2011 and has already had one major patch implemented with the 1.2 Legacy update. Coming soon to the title will be the 1.3...
karmablade   hello :)
Miky   Hey there. :)
Miky   Stormtrooper on Vacation
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Miky   It will be great mess I suppose as usual and I fear It will not work!
Social Points: Planning a server transfer? | TORWars - SWTOR...
The SWTOR community is buzzing with the news that server transfers will soon be available, and people are busy researching different servers and speculating about which will actual...
Miky   No, RHC is not looking forward to it.
Strmy   It would be nice to close some servers and move people to another serve. Because there is a lot of low population servers. It would be nice to have more people on our server.. I have been doing for 3 days some stats about how many people we have on server. its around (400 Republic and 750 Imperial) So it would be nice to have more Rep on our server..
Miky   Yeah you are right, but be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

I think pre-launch guild redistribution was a wrong move, because a lot of guilds moved out to another server and created a problem of faction imballance. If one side is outnumbered, pvp sufferening as it is in our case.
Miky   Serious update every month? /laugh
SWTOR Gets New Patch, Loses Staff | RipTen Videogame Blog
Looks like Star Wars: The Old Republic () is getting another patch. Update 1.3 is being released with the theme of 'Allies,' but BioWare has yet to announce a release date.
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