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lolitskesh   Sooo... did u quit without saying goodbye? :(
Gardy   Hmmm just saw this post ....can't say to much on this anymore...ill add u to facebook soon
lolitskesh   Expendables 2 today?
lolitskesh   oh... I have no idea when it comes out. TBH i had not heard of it till u mentioned it last night ;) Kinda looking foward to The Bourne Legacy, which comes out in August for us. Hopefully it doesnt make a mockery of the original trilogy
Gardy   Id rather see matt play the role, I dont like the new guy they got in the upcoming Bourne...oh,..I used to have a crush on arnold back when I was sooooooooo little....rofl, he was actually handsome in his younger years.
lolitskesh   Matt Damon is a good looking guy. Arnold... Really?
lolitskesh   Im not doing FaceBook, buut, I added soem photos for u
lolitskesh   Hmmm, FaceBook.....
lolitskesh   Sooo... are u going to marry me??
Gardy   :o i thought you'd never ask. Next time we're on. promise.
lolitskesh   Hey you <3
Maj.Connolly   yes and no
Op - Sandover   LICK
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