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Give a man a match he will be warm for a day. Set a man on fire he will be warm for the rest of his life. ask.fm/FIREBALL4801
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WaterDaOtter   We haven't talked in foreverrrrrr :(
FIREBALL4801   some people just aren't who they said they were and it can really hurt >.>
Champagne™   You deserved to be sweg muffined
You're welcome
Feel honored
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FIREBALL4801   thanks ;3
WaterDaOtter   Happy New Year! :)
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FIREBALL4801   you too omg <3
Sathrox   Have a happy New Year's Eve!
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FIREBALL4801   not much left of 2013, where has the year gone??
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Berserkiepie   It grew legs and ran out of the window
FIREBALL4801   break is half way over... ;-;
anyone have anything fun planned for the last bit?
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☤ Demobrothers ☤   I visited my brother :3
VintageMusic   Merry Christmas and have a happy new year :d
FIREBALL4801   thanks <3
VintageMusic   c:
WaterDaOtter   Merry Christmas! <3
FIREBALL4801   right back at you :3
FIREBALL4801   Hey guys if you love playing minecraft and are looking for a community server, there is one I know of that I've played on for a year now. The IP is smp(dot)opticraft(dot)net and their website is opticraft(dot)net Please join it, I'd love to see you all there!
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FNVcourierjon   I can't believe it's been a year with you already :)
FIREBALL4801   right? lmao, and ive loved all of it ;)
FNVcourierjon   Hey Matt. How's it going
FIREBALL4801   not all that bad how about you?
FNVcourierjon   I'm good and happy Thanksgiving
FIREBALL4801   Hey everyone, remember that I've been making custom skins for all my friends, and everyone I've made one for has been really happy with the results. Here is the link to the page where you can ask for one, I'd really appreciate it if you gave me a shot at making you one or spread the word to all your minecraft playing friends. Thanks!
Custom Minecraft Skins
Hey guys, it's FIREBALL4801 obviously, and to my friends I'm just Matt. I have always made my own skins- love to do them- and just recently I decided taking that to a whole new lev...
FIREBALL4801   Pentatonix. If the name doesn't ring a bell, shame on you. Shun the non-believers. If it does mean something to you, make sure you check out their DaftPunk cover and any other songs they've done. I absolutely love them, they sound absolutely amazing, and the fact that they're acapella makes it so much better
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☤ Demobrothers ☤   ???
FIREBALL4801   Idk what's wrong with enjin it didn't to post any of the text I wrote .-. Well, I made the skin finally (day late oh well :\ ) and I posted it on PMC, enjoy!
FIREBALL4801   [link]
FIREBALL4801   Well all day i was planning on making you all a halloween skin for, well, halloween. So I finished it, a really cool pumpkin guy with a leather tunic and raggedy shoes, and I go to save it, and my computer decides it wants to have a fucking fit and crashes, losing my skin. So I am done with the day \m/ I may have it tomorrow in time for Dia Los Muertos, so it won't be completely random. Once again happy halloween enjoy!
Berserkiepie   D;
FIREBALL4801   Well I just decided to give it another shot, and it freaking did it again, so owell no pumpkin guy this year >.>
worked really hard on it two oawdn;flasdkjf;awoeifna;sldmkcawpoei
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