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knackehaxan   Happy Birthday Zhuu.
<3 Knack
stophackin   Happy Birthday
Zhuu   iTestify Just so everyone knows, I'm apparently not allowed on PG anymore. I've been banned multiple times and stripped of my perms, and so has Shawn. For "Running to my little bitch Paul because I can't handle things on my own" "For the LOLs" and "This server is a no bitch zone." So I'm done. Bye guys.

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sajn   PG = ?
Dasko222   Nice headset, purple.
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Zhuu   Hello, I live.
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_pync_   You still alive?
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coltsman1234   zhuu! please come back on!! we miss you!
Adrian   Zhuu why haveent you been on for ages!!
Zhuu   So...seems like some dope shit has gone down, well done Ladinn, you've done it again.
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J2DOLAR   I like how that sounds :d
steadyeddie235   'done it again'

your telling me....
iTestify   Lol Derek xD You don't even know..
Zhuu   Seems like Coelho has gone off the deep end, wonder if I should come back and restore order. xD
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iTestify   No you guys, it's not the same. You don't say it like he does D:
Cooow   come back ;o
funtime911   whats your WoW account name
Zhuu   My name is Zhuu on Gorefiend
Zhuu   Haven't been on Minecraft in a while...mostly because of school.
- Also, I was pressured into getting back in WoW, which I am now currently playing again. I quit a year ago, but, I came back. So I have been on that a lot lately trying to get geared up for Heroic Raids.
- TERA Beta Testing has been going fantastic, that game is absolutely amazing. Graphically speaking, there is no other MMO out on the market that can touch TERA.
- Don't know when I will come back on, whenever I'm not doing something I guess...TERA is about every weekend now so...and I raid Tue/Wed/Sun.

Oh well, see yah guys around.
ShyGuyLink   ^I know this feel.
Lately I've been pressured to hang out with my college buddies so I haven't been on much either. I miss you, you foul-mouthed ***** x)
Here's to hoping you come back [fully] eventually
Aymak   Fag
Zhuu   I just have other shit to do...I mean, that's really it.
Don't get me wrong, Minecraft is fun, but I have to play other shit, and there is so much shit out right now to play.
bicci3261   Zhuu can u plz unban me i cant recall scamming if u unban me ill be your helper or do stuff for u or do community service plz just unban me
cravend   post a ban appeal
Zhuu   You guys might be wondering why I'm not as much, it's mainly due to school...I have some harder classes that require more work, than I usually do.
Also, I got my new PC, so I have a lot games I need to play.
I am a Game Designer by the way, I have to play as many games as I can.
TERA is a new Action-MMO coming out in May, closed beta testing is going on this weekend.
Also Guild Wars 2 beta invites are starting to go out, so I will be playing those games pretty heavily, they are both looking really good right now.

Not to worry, I am not quitting Minecraft by any means, but I do have other things to do, I gotta do what I gotta do.
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cosyn   sc2?
brencraftmine   can you look at my ban appeal again i edited it
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