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Carthage   Everyone has a game there boss at mine just happens to be Planetside 2...I think
Carthage   Girlfriend finaly broke up with me...kinda sucks
The Drake   oh what a relief it is..
Carthage   ha. wish that was the case
cyfer_diaz   Now I can have you all to myself ;)
Carthage   R.I.P. Yoteslaya you will be missed
Carthage   So any one interested in playing Arma 3 tonight
The Drake   maybe maybe.
Carthage   So guys my Mics broken so I can't talk at all so I won't be on chat untill I get this corrected
Carthage   Happy Birthday RD I cant imagine life with out you
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Carthage   So Civ 5 is is going to ruin my life its so awesome
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Carthage   Just bought Civ 5
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Carthage   Anyone know anyone good prebuilt PC models
[RD]Rex_619   dude what happened to everyone I've been checking up on the sites but no one has been on recently I MISS YOU GUYS!!! ~Rex
Carthage   We've mostly been on mumble talking. we haven't used the forum much though
Macabri   Happy B-day man have a good one
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Raxor Desnin(Zev)   Happy B-day!
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Padawan Jhann   Gorefiend, is my realm on wow
Carthage   I'm missing MoP now more than ever
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Jedi Sentinal Nokama Revnon   Same here bro hopefully one day he will return and join us in-game.
Xanto   not xanto of course. :p
Carthage   I have been
Carthage   good to be back at RD
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Jedi Sentinal Nokama Revnon   Yea so you got the game yet?
Carthage   downloading it now
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