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Damn squirrels are EVERYWHERE!!! They think Im NUTZ!!!
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Hildy777   i've been doing good how about yourself?
MasterCrumB   been doing really well, thanks bro, sry for lateness, cheers
agnaraed   maybe better question how do i transfer my legacy to your server?
agnaraed   how do i transfer over toons from vornskr to harbinger?
MasterCrumB   Freeing up 8th Harbinger spot for transfer of last toon: after you send over 7 toons it will say 8 spots are taken on swtor website, but when you log onto harbinger it will only show 7, inorder to free up the 8th spot on the harbinger, after you transfer 7 toons, log onto the harbinger, rename any toons that need to be renamed and then quickly create a random 8th toon and then delete it, that will allow you to transfer over your last toon on swtor website, cheers!
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MasterCrumB   All legacy names were reset too, you can still try to put in your original legacy name! good luck! cheers!
LordEnrick   code is in the mail mate
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LordEnrick   ok as soon as i get my kids to bed i will mail it to you
MasterCrumB   you rock brother! ty ty :)
LordEnrick   Hey man i got a D3 guest pass for you if you are still wanting one
MasterCrumB   that would be great!
MasterCrumB   Raid tomorrow evening! Those of you familiar with my normal weekend runs, there will be one tomorrow evening at 6pm pacific, I did NOT get sign-ups posted on the calander...reply here or PM me here or in-game if you are intersted! EV first, then KP normal modes...Cheers
MasterCrumB   sweet :)
insaneraptor   Im up for it if you need/want a dps. Dont have any really outstanding gear though. Lemme know if ya want me buddy :)
WildphirezZ   Hey if ya need my trooper for the ops just let me know!!~
MasterCrumB   Servers are down for most of today, devs say eta for being back online is 4pm pacific time today: [link]
Briggs/Grimbane   I blame grates
MasterCrumB   see post in that link at timestamp 8:54am pacific time, adjust for yourtime zone
Ganqwa   I was hunting Noble Eggs...
JonnyMuck   Happy birthday some day in April!
MasterCrumB   Just so ya'll know ahead of time April 1st is not my birthday! It is in April sometime, I just keep my personal information private when it comes to the web...cheers
Neby   So its the Birthday guessing game, I see how it is! =P
wgrates   Happy Birthday month for you crumb! April Fools!
MasterCrumB   thanks for the well wishes, cheers
House Party   Nightstalkers Hat. Keep an eye out for one, mate. I'll compensate you handsomely.
House Party   I made a Republic toon, and it won't let me add you as a friend. What? Try adding me: Exemplar.
House Party   Nevermind about the hat. I just confirmed with two toons on the Nar Shadaa GTN that orange modifiable items have different art assets for Republic and Empire. What looks like a Jedi Robe on Republic may look like a belted jacket on Empire.
MasterCrumB   i tried adding you bro...says you dont exist either, may have to do it when both are online?
Avaaritia   The way you randomly pop up when I'm questing is really creepy. Wouldn't have it any other way, slowly beating this game one random meeting at a time <3
MasterCrumB   well i was off most the last week til now, just got home from xmas vac so you prob way ahead of me now lol
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Armor for your Jedi in-game!
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House Party   I am returned! [link]
disinformatique   Awesome !!!
MasterCrumB   TY ALL, comedy Strangelove, bounty hunter in sith gear, love it!
House Party   You online? Wanna test something.
MasterCrumB   sry missed you bro, i was online but not payin attention to enjin site :-(
MasterCrumB   try and whisper me ingame via mastercrumb
Renira   That would require being on the republic side!
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