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Amen   Your butt smells like doodie.
Prawned   Oh wait that's just Mini
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Prawned   Christ you're an ugly cunt
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darkmoustache   Greetings, I recently made a new toon on GW 1, bought it a week ago, playing currently prophecy for story and unlock content for GW2 :)

Aaricia   *plops down and stares at Sock Puppet Doom*
Adam   D:
Aaricia   *stares moar* Where have you been? Feels like ages since I've read a post by you. ._.
CarBENbased   *Joins the staring*
Arazon   My steam name is Arazon11
Arazon   This is so confusing lol i dont even know what i did on mumble haha
CarBENbased   Pops wall cherry, HAHA, I finally got one :p
Aaricia   Nuuuuu! I wanted to tap that first! Now I'm getting sloppy seconds. D:<
Adam   Plenty to go around... ;)
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