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⊰x0 James 0x⊱   SCOTT!!!
AuX x Scott   Spending the day pwning on Mw3!
dracker007   aww ya. so gettin that game today
AuX x Rain   Hi <3
AuX x Scott   hello pretty lady :]
AuX x Scott   i'm really liking the way this clan is starting out! let's keep up the great work!
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AuX x Scott   So I really want a sick signature. Would anyone be kind enough to assist me with this?
AuX x Scott   Just wanna thank those involved for allowing me to become the general of Legendz! I really appreciate it and hope to make everyone glad they did it.
DHG MASS EFFECT   This is ORG-SPEC_LEGENDZ reporting for duty!!!!
AuX x Scott   What's up everyone! New to the clan just thought i'd say hey.
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