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Vmjaz   I got 3 recruits for Inferno!
Vmjaz   I'm leaving TIg because I'm sick off all of this bullcrap, we used to be the best of the best in DHG now all anyone can do is complain and get spawn trapped. after the "practice" ended I was able to fix the irreparable damage done to my K/D after all the shitty Player matches. There is no unity or bond between anyone in TIG.

your never going to survive.
TIG Legendary   my last wall post were i beat u to the post is the TRUTH
TIG Legendary   your birthday and what do you do sit on the DHG website nice
Vmjaz   Keep telling yourself whatever you have to tell yourself. Your titties are obviously raging over some thing that went wrong in your already miserable life and now your taking it out on someone who isn't even interested, good Suicidenight, see you in my L96A1's crosshairs, I'll be camping on the other side of the map.

Vmjaz   Why do I get burning feeling nobody wants to play BO with them under. Any. Circumstance
DHG BabyJesus   u can contact me either on here or on xbl and i will help you figure out what u need to to get with the appropriate people
Vmjaz   Yeah I left DHG....
Vmjaz   I rejoined DHG now... Will you still help me?
Vmjaz   Is inferno still up if not who can I speak to about joining a reach division?
Vmjaz   All people who are interested in taking part in what could be a lot of publicity for the Die Hard Gamers clan I am looking for male and female voice actors to make a GTA fan story about the background multiplayer campaign in GTA 4

I require: A Kenny Petrovic sound-alike
VERY patient volenteers
People with various street accents (New York, Italian, Russian, Hookerian, etc.)
Male and Female voices
Helpful suggestions for the story (witch i have well thought out in my head but not on paper just yet)

Please send voice samples to this dummy email address: [link]

include these quotes

"F*** it's the Cops!"

"I have a job for you; Nobody is coming out clean on this.
Deliever some diamonds to a man known as Gay Tony. He has done me some big favors" (lool)

"Just.. *cough*...Kill me"

"See you in H*ll"

"Dimitri Rascalov is not to be trusted, Keep your eyes open"

Please if you have any questions post on this thread and please forgive me for the slightly suggestive phrases I used on the forum.

Include your Gamertag and Website name in the email. Voice production with begin around mid-September

Bossy loves Nok

Vmjaz   and ill add you tommorrow
DHG Whitehouse   cool
DHG Whitehouse   lmao funny thing is my name is Tony and im straight
Xerxes the GRiDMasTeR   Nice profile pic. Funny I havent found it.
Vmjaz   WTF im being notification spammed by your post
Xerxes the GRiDMasTeR   You should turn them off. That's what I do.
Vmjaz   making last attempt to fix my xbox mic if this doesnt work i wont get a new mic until next month
DHG Tetranome   bummer
Vmjaz   lol
Vmjaz   WOOO im a corporal now :)
Vmjaz   this is like facebook but with faster load times lol
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