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LouiiJP   Hi Its Me LouiiJP Can You Make Me Mod
jfree96   you have to apply on site. there is an apply for staff tab. also, welcome to the community. if there is anything you need let me know. staff members are required to recruit. please do so. tell your friends. facebook. twitter. all that stuff. thanks
RogueLotus   really want to be part of this! can't wait for the try out!
Luckychrm 88   yo bro wats crackin
boschiboys   Are you the leader of this clan??
jfree96   ya
BeNnY_KiLLa   one of my epic vidz
Mr Ben Ep.1
Here is my new Ep.Please enjoy .Like,Fav,Sub,Comment
BeNnY_KiLLa   Can i be Co Leader/Admin?
Devzie 92   Sup man noticed you've made a clan? Well i run my own clan for Call of Duty, BF etc..Xbox & PS3.. If you pick up some members and are up for a clan match in the future then gimme a shout
jfree96   Alright. Sounds good.
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