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Vexed Darkness   So I haven't been on in a while and I probably won't be on for a bit longer. My dad died recently due to suicide, so we've been cleaning out his house and what not. I have more stuff to do and i'll be busy with all that.
Mister Happy/Unstable   You position is here for you until you are ready to come back, that includes on the warframe clan. We are always here for friends, so if we can help you at all just ask.
BloodravenD   Sorry to hear about your father, hope you're doing okay. Take all the time you need.
larvikdelta   sorry to hear that, take your time m8
Vexed Darkness   my new favorite cover
Five Finger Death Punch - House of The rising sun
An awesome track from their last album, The Wrong Side of He...
Flonker   [link] though
Flonker   [link] though
Flonker   this so good. i always wanted to do this myself. ignore that first link though. the MJ cover. so good.
kairn Lak   My number two fav song from them
Rammstein Music Video
Rammstein music video.
Vexed Darkness   For all you Final Fantasy players. Hopefully you guys can now rest in peace.
Watchmen: Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin' [HQ]
Only the song. Solo la cancion. An underrated movie, if you ...
FrostEffect   loll.
Reiyano   *holds up a lit lighter*
Vexed Darkness   I want to eat all the babies. WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Vexed Darkness   So I am having major computer problems, Ill be back once its fixed. Gonna be trying to figure out wtf is happening. I think its because of the windows 8.1 update but not sure.
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Mister Happy/Unstable   Oh noes! Hope you figure it out bud. I also hope it isn't too expensive.
Noximus44   Thus why windows 7 is better
Vexed Darkness   shared this video...
DevilDriver - Holier Than Thou (The Black Album Covered 2012...
The Black Album - Covered (2012) Genre: Thrash Metal Origin:...
Vexed Darkness   Gone for the weekend
Mister Happy/Unstable   have fun
Vexed Darkness   Changing my name from Devildriver16 to Vexed Darkness
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Vexed Darkness   lol
larvikdelta   good :p
Tarheelnation86   Just makes you much more queer
TheLastRaven   You look like muscles glasses by the way.
Vexed Darkness   wtf is muscles glasses lol
Vexed Darkness   Wow searched it kinda funny
Vexed Darkness   This was my taric a last night. I went 20/8/12
Summoner Showdown 2 : Bottom Lane
Play League of Legends FREE : http://tinyurl.com/otw79rw Joi...
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TheLastRaven   Nice very erotic
Vexed Darkness   shared this link...
Wal-Mart Online Price Error Leads to $100 Can of Lysol
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.'s website was selling kayaks for about $11 and computer monitors for about $9 earlier today owing to a technical error that led the world's largest retailer to...
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Vexed Darkness   Lol silly Canadian mayor
Toronto mayor: 'I'm no drug addict'
Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has denied that he is a drug addict as he returned to work amid calls for him to resign over drug use rumours. Mr Ford is under pressure after Cana...
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Mister Happy/Unstable   I love Rob Ford, lol hilarious guy, almost as funny as Alberta's former Premier Ralph Klein. Now that guy was some serious entertainment. I remember one Christmas Eve he went to a homeless shelter in Edmonton and threw money at homeless people and told them to "Get a Job". LOL
Vexed Darkness   I had a lot of fun tonight with my fellow ravens, some of those getta ways were ridiculous, but anyways had lots of fun even though we didn't win most of them.
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Vexed Darkness   I make all the champions my q farm - Nasus
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