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R2green3   thnx for considering the unban
R2green3   who is casey
DGK_King_   ask casey to unban you
DGK_King_   no ur not
R2green3   im still banned am i ganna be banned forever? I truly honestly did nothing i have no idea why im banned.
Angelus12   I donated so i was wondering when i get my powers and spawning abilities
jester82   can you please whitelist my brother and I. We really like your server and wish to continue to play. I'm jester82 and he is sion123. thank you very much
R2green3   Hey I got banned from the server when i was sleeping so there's no way i should be banned can you un ban me?
Drehverschluss   DUDE dont play combat arms....make the server runing!!!!
marowaks   plzzzz unbanned me was in a bad mood that day nd i love ur server
uzi78678   Matthew97979 was flying, look at NoCheat log please. And also, Beastnugget killed us in ONE HIT with an arrow. He is level 35 and claims to have gotten there from netherrack, which is 23 xp and that is stupid. It takes around 100 million exp to get to level 35. Also, easyRPG has many bugs. Such as infinite rogue invisibility, which Beast was ABUSING. By abusing, I mean that he was using it all the time. He only got out of it to talk. Please change easyRPG and investigate these people. And no, we are not mad that they killed us. We are mad that there are a few admins online, and we need more to ban unfair players like these who hack. Please help us make the server better by getting rid of these hackers and please get a less buggy and overpowered plugin. Thanks in advance,

Drehverschluss   Hey DGK we have a problem....The Faction RDM does all Hacking...! of that guy is lvl 35 in 1 day and that cant bee.....plz bann defently Beastnugget212 and look to other RDM members!

agentcaboos   my home got deleted and it keeps crahsing
agentcaboos   wats wrong with the sever
DGK_King_   u r lol
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