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DemOniC DemOnZ   hey man when your on tommorrow, if you see me i need to have a talk about somthing
FaLLeNPufindail   ok
DemOniC DemOnZ   hey man when does the fire thing get implemented and when can i apply for the strret patrol coms spot
DemOniC DemOnZ   "street"
Kentland33Chief   hello
LMAO thats our team
How to be a Firefighter Like a Boss
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android devices. Tags: Fire Truck, Ladder, Amazing, Amazing, Video Car Gets in Way of Fire Truck Home Shopping Network Ladder Blooper How No...
Kentland Chief   hey man hows it hanging
FaLLeNPufindail   hey
Kentland Chief   whats up
FaLLeNPufindail   nothing
RAGINGxRANGER99   hey i already sumbitted a fire app so i cant sumbit another one want to train me or something so i can get on the probie firefighters list
CODdeadshot27   go online
DemOniC DemOnZ   BINGO!!!
FaLLeNPufindail   listen ******
DemOniC DemOnZ   why cant i sign up for fire/ems patrol on wednesday???
FaLLeNPufindail   try it again tommrow cause sometimes it doesnt work untill the day before
DemOniC DemOnZ   i still cant sign up but i will be there this time... if you can put my name down as attending
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