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DHG LimblessSamurai   Cool
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DHG LimblessSamurai   Cool
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DHG LimblessSamurai   What is wrong?
DHG Raven   Nothin now. That is just what I had wanted to talk with you about. But I got it sorted out :) no worries
DHG Raven   LIMBLESS! we need to talk about a couple of your recruits
DHG LimblessSamurai   Sure was up?
DHG Raven   I dont remember now. You see the date that was posted? oh yeah. Some of them get really confused, and they post in the shoutbox saying I dont know what squad i'm in, etc etc. But HI!
DHG LimblessSamurai   I feel groovy today...
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DHG LimblessSamurai   Sorry if I haven't been here, I don't check this site often and will appear sometimes. So yeah..... just a little update.
DHG LimblessSamurai   OK!
DHG LimblessSamurai   Just LimblessSamurai.
DHG Raven   added.
DHG LimblessSamurai   Whoops! I'm silly, sure next time I get on.
DHG Raven   awesome. what is your GT actually? i can do it now
DHG Raven   i like your drawings. just take off the dhg then you have my GT
DHG LimblessSamurai   What's XBL?
DHG Raven   Xbox Live
DHG LimblessSamurai   Oh! Right, I'm also in Halo Reach, and did play some Black Ops a couple weeks ago.
DHG Raven   i dont have black ops... but call of duty and modern warfare aren't really my type of games
DHG LimblessSamurai   Still new, What's B.O?
DHG Raven   oh. its Black Ops, it just easier to put B.O. i'm in a reach division
DHG Raven   srry. my bad. your in Reach Project i think it is. add me on XBL
DHG LimblessSamurai   HARVEST but I'm just a PVT.
DHG Raven   nice. i'm in warzone.... harvest... thats B.O right?
DHG LimblessSamurai   Ok, I think my brain is leaking abit with this whole thing. Hahaha
DHG Raven   i know the feeling. what division are you in?
DHG LimblessSamurai   I mean, send pic to you
DHG Raven   ummm. i dont think you can. unless you put it in a message, but thats confusing to me
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