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Euphraxis   Turns out mafia likes to spend more time with you guys than his family...t
Euphraxis   80!!!!
Euphraxis   Call me Shirley
Euphraxis   70 bitches!!
Euphraxis   Back on line!!
Euphraxis   My Paid time is up, now I have to wait til Friday!
Euphraxis   67!
Euphraxis   Not sure if I like HealBot yet or not...
Invincible   Your welcome Diane for the money, victory that mafia didn't get any! :d
Euphraxis   I appreciate it!
Euphraxis   Gotta get my priest leveled!!
Xiaviak   ya hurry up slacker ;P
Euphraxis   riiiiiiight
Euphraxis   One dungeon then bed time....
Euphraxis   Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder...
Euphraxis   We go together like cocaine and waffles!
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Euphraxis   What a hot mess ;)
Euphraxis   How do i change my name? Id rather my character name
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