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Star Wars The Old Republic, Ajunta P...
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
Star Wars The Old Republic, Jung Ma
MEDUSA/AHRE   Farming ranked comms err day.
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Sibek   [link]
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MEDUSA/AHRE   Hey guys my family just uploaded a new music video for our song "Summertime Is Great". Can you guys check it out and let me know what you think. TY
Summertime is Great (Official Music Video)
The is an original music video produced by Three Beat Slide....
Garviel-Loken   I just watched this... wow...
Crypticus   Your move chief (single target, of course).
MEDUSA/AHRE   y u always tryna best mi? u no id beet you 1v1 irl, fokin lil bich. fite me 1v1 i dare u lil gay boi.
Jyn   I like Rivv's fag comment.
Crypticus   shared this image...
MEDUSA/AHRE   rofl grank!
Beat   shared this video...
Reading rainbow dmx style
Dmx rocks the reading rainbow intro lol
MEDUSA/AHRE   Ive seen large damage gaps in warzones before. But this....
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Aetrus   [link] Kind of the same?
baldie   turn hacks off
Trimel   Solaria still plays? rofl
Crypticus   I miss you bro. :(
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MEDUSA/AHRE   Bro I miss you too. Are you still playing? I've been getting on a bit more now tearing up pub side. Come fight with me.
MEDUSA/AHRE   beserkir on pot5.
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Blademastaz   The legendary neckbeard has no effect on those on Pot5.
MEDUSA/AHRE   finally the beast of morin deathgate has been slain.
MEDUSA/AHRE   dad plz.
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MEDUSA/AHRE   Hahahaha fucking hell. Someone get this bulgarian gronk a beer.
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Jyn   I don't know why you're laughing, I think you'd better swim the fuck away from Australia. He's coming for you.
MEDUSA/AHRE   Booked my flight to Africa just now. He'd never get me their. Its like a vampire to garlic.
Aetrus   You know shit is real when Metallica is quoted.
MEDUSA/AHRE   Shrek is love, Shrek is life...
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. (Original Reupload)
The original video was removed due to a copyright accusation...
Bai'kint   Lol this was so sick...i didn't expect such a messy twist :p
Beat   wtffffffffffffffffff
MEDUSA/AHRE   its all ogre now.
MEDUSA/AHRE   anyone have skype and want to ERP with me? no older than 15 please.
Blademastaz   I will! I am not one of those perverted bastards either.....I'm a real down to earth person :). Add me on skype, Analdestroyer3897.
Jyn   Blade, stop posting Aetrus' Skype info
3v4, our healer came in late. GG
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Rivik   omg this is so amazing
Rivik   the music is so perfect
MEDUSA/AHRE   fuk dat bich
MEDUSA/AHRE   Rivik Be Like.
Link Description
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Rivik   bahhahahha
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