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"When you get knocked down, stand up again. I know it best. It´s my weekly routine."
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The S'hala Legacy   Thursday Nights in the Den live once again! Well they will starting this week. Thought you might be interested to know since you where the one who got it going
Arashim   It appears that we broke the server with our Hoth JR event...worth it! One point for the RP-lers!
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The S'hala Legacy   Yeah, I died in the assault then my PC bluescreened. I think thats a true testament to pushing my PC to the limits
Xyliana   Seems thursday nights in the Den are no more, if you have any tips on causal locations let me know.
Xyliana   Indeed I am slipping futher out of the rp loop but thankfully for there are server events
Arashim   Damn, i really need t think of something....i know! I could use my alts as NPC waiters! I could make a rota, that every week two choosen guildmembers play NPC waiters...*smiles* That R&R event ain´t going down, i tell ya!
Tetra   >Velvet Pearl, Nar Shaddaa.
Arashim   The third of my chains has been broken. Only one more and i´m freeeee!!! Test over and after tuesday i will sooo gonna get back to organising stuff for my guild. Can´t wait.
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Arashim   Hmmm. Maybe i should use this Activity Wall for once...exam is tomorrow then i have a 3 day break before my oral exams start. Can´t wait to roflstomp those guys with my english. *evilgrin*
Sarael   You can come give me an oral exam ;)
Arashim   First: I use this thing 1 single time and get instant two replies. Hilarious xD. Second: Marelle, your wording makes it sound pretty ambiguous. Quite amusing aswell xD.
Xyliana   Good luck chappy
Exel Kar   Arashim looks on as the Love Train departs Hoth Station!
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Arashim   He likes to look ahead at times. Blasted that i wore the wrong Armor xD.
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