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DHG WEED GOD   DHG GOT ANiMaL7 loves mandango parties so if you is having one invite him
DHG WiiFund   I updated your awards and tags, message me on xbox if there any problems. I do know that there is no VIP there but they removed it a long time ago and replaced it with admin status. I would suggest talking to DHG BabyJesus if you think we should re-create the VIP tag
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DHG GOT ANiMaL7   I also nee my die hard doner
MDG Elrod   Hey if you are ever on Xbox, hit me up. I know someone that really liked you and has been telling me about you.
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   Ok guys. I just want to say im leaving DHG and its not due to DHG ita my own choice. I love you all and wish u all the best. If you need any help ill be around. Thank you everybody. I love you and ill miss you. Please dont follow me thatd be stupid as 1 day i may be back but for now im bowing out. Good luck all of you. DHG 4 LIFE
DHG ChevyChasin   ANIMaL7. Hopefully we will see u back in DHG full time soon. I already know we will see u around DHG with any help you can give when you can. Good luck and take care of what you got ahead of you. Peace bro!!!
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   Hell, two Prez in one night. Obviously something ain't right. lol if I do come back I'm starting at a fucking CPL. lol
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   2 Double Prezes bro i was a double n so were u
DHGxXxDEATHxXx   i would like to be added to your roster when you can get the chance I'm almost 3rd prestige in modern warfare 3 i have a 1.30 k/dr in team death and an overall of 1.01 i'm quickly raising it up in 1 days playing time i covered a 600 kill negative and am now almost 100 kills ahead with still going some rounds still going in the hole my whole pholosiphy is shoot first drop your pred missle quick and pray to god they line up when they have uav.I'm just looking for a team that can actually keep up with me. team defender I'm in the top 20,000. team death match im in the top160,000 .........I'm gonna be the #1 on the kill board ..... only have 100,000 more to pass
DHG GEN ROGUE   hey thanks for deleating me ... im at my dads house for the week.... will be on xbob live december 15 .... no enternet till then

ow and whats up YO
DHGzPriceLess   hey Animal :) guess who finally got her named changed :) ... me!!
DHG BULL3TPR00F   MW3 is tons of funn just need some players u can have funn with.
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   MW3 is the shit
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DHG GOT THOR7   ya it would be alot better if you didn't suck...lol
DHGxXxDEATHxXx   add me to no fear i make people rage quit and report me for hacking when im 100% legit i cant stand them hacking and modding bastards
LTD DAYWALKER   Hey man when you see this please drop me a message it is very important
DHG GOT THOR7   hey remember i wont be at the meeting tonight
LTD DAYWALKER   Hey man I won't be on for the next couple of days..I got in soe trouble at school please have zombie slayer run ghost in my absence and I'll be back on Asap
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   [link]
Xerxes the GRiDMasTeR   shared this image...
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   Hahaha love it
DHG GOT ANiMaL7   Impossible standards make life difficult
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LTD DAYWALKER   Unless your me haha then it makes it easy
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