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Chaos is Trending   I missed you.
Chaos is Trending   He got banned from the site. He's harsh at times. Idk what it was.
Cloaked Onyx   Ah. I see. Anyone still here from the old days of Blue Team?
Chaos is Trending   Dare, Semper (He joined right before split), Vulture, Myself, sh00t, and I think that's around everyone, probably missed a few. Matt just went on Vacation so I didn't add him. (The guy who created the SBT site.)
Cloaked Onyx   Holy crap! I'm still on this site!? How's everyone been doing?
Chaos is Trending   I lol'd
Cloaked Onyx   OMG! I can't believe I still have my account on here. How's everyone been doing?
Chaos is Trending   Hai
RTRocket   Please try to be more active or you will be removed from our site. This is your only warning.
Dare   Happy Birthday!
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Phantom   happy birthday tommorow, or today, i dont really know beause of the time difference
Dare   HAPPY THREE DAY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!! :d :d :d :d :d
Cloaked Onyx   I am the king of ALASO. Already got the Package down for Tomorrows weekly challenge.
Chaos is Trending   You going to complete the LASO challenge on The Pillar of Autum this week?
GoBigRed115   Welcome to the Official Site of SBT Onyx its nice of you to join us
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