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I do not suffer from insanity... I enjoy every second of it! :)
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Kiotay   Another one December 1st... I'll be stopping in every now and a again to say hi :)
Kiotay   Seems like it's been forever... I go back to the surgeon Tuesday... this followup will determine if I'm all good or if there will be more cutting on my person... been feeling exceptional drained of energy. Thanks for the well wishes and I'll see you in game soon :).
Copper   Get well soon, man!

High five to Ash for me.
Kiotay   To those who know and those who don't... I'm having surgery this week so my play time will be erratic at best. Starting next month I should be on like clockwork :)
Copper   Good luck man! We'll see you when you get back!
Kiotay   Turn to page three hundred and ninty-four...
Kiotay   Scheduling and disconnecting issues should be behind me after next week. I'm currently watching tankspot videos and youtube vids to better complement the written strats. Hopefully, with a few more upgrades, I'll be ready to roll with whatever comes our way.
Kiotay   So who wants to hunt Trolls? I hear these dungeons are a real step up... look forward to the challenge.
Kiotay   Item level 345... should hit 346 if I get a chance to play tonight... then it's troll dungeons for the win!
Kiotay   Getting disconnects like crazy lately... will try to play somemore tonight. Wish me luck :)
Kiotay   Now bring ont he dungeons!
Kiotay   Three more levels... maybe raid ready by this weekend... should be fun :)
Kiotay   Migraines are not fun... just a friendly PSA.
Skullknight123   I know luongo experienced that durning the second goal he let in yesterday,
Kiotay   Have you ever zoned out to the point you are starled by how real everything looks when you come to?
Kiotay   So this weekend was shot in the foot after Sunday... still I plan to be in Cata content come the end of next weekend.
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