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ALpHa_xHoGx   wats HoGs Union anyway?
EternaL_xHoGx   Hey dude what's going on? I haven't talked to you in forever! How have ya been?
SHaDow_xHoGx   not good, things haven't been going well where im at
ALpHa_xHoGx   go to skype
ALpHa_xHoGx   skype?
Miztik_xHoGx   were do u live?
ALpHa_xHoGx   go to chat
EternaL_xHoGx   Hey dude. How have ya been? It's Nick or Fall3n.
ALpHa_xHoGx   hey bro, please try to post in the forums more its extremely important for getting sponsors just post a couple things a day if u can
ALpHa_xHoGx   can u get on???
IcoNiiC_xHoGx   Add kryptonite1985 so we can party up
SHaDow_xHoGx   [link]
SHaDow_xHoGx   [link]
SHaDow_xHoGx   [link]
GrUdGe_xHoGx   PSN:ShadOW_xHoGx
ALpHa_xHoGx   we have to get rid of the X's bcuz there cud onlu be 16 characters
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