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Big Mac Is Really Tasty :P :)
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[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Hi all..M back :d
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¬´¬¨#yunnaayy`∞ ☣ π   uh, hai der.
У£†LO   There he is! Hey Mac, good to have you back. Several changes since you were here last. Your messages should tell you all about that. Good to see ya :)
Oreos   Big Mac, yo. wb
MÂϟ†Σ®   Chirag?
YuhsJohn   shared this link...
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[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Back Guyz !!!
Long time, eh ?
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[SSK]Storm   Welcome Back mate!! Also we are GRM's now.. :d
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Yeah ! :d
ŭņđȜѦᴆ ♥   I'm still Gochu
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Back People ..
Srry Exams Were There ~~~
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»LαdΣñッ«   Summer School?
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Guyz I m Back Frm My Holidays !! :d
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Oreos   Big Mac
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   LOL :d
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[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   Can't wait till 2nd October !!
Its release date . :d
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Oreos   Oh really? Me too! *high five!
Oreos   The owl eyes are creepy though. And there's one thing, water conducts electricity :o
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   shared this image...
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   shared this image...
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[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   shared this image...
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   shared this image...
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[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   shared this image...
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   LOL
Oreos   [08:13:36] <[§§K]Mäç>ice is undead a girl

Yes... I think :undecided: or maybe a starfish :p
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   LOL :d
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   As Megaupload is down for that piracy thingy , all the maps for killzone are at that site .
So , how ema gonna download those maps . :(
©ruise   Not all of them are on mega upload. You can use the haloce site.
[§§K]Mäç [GRM]   YEA THNX :)
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