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Caus when its YOU and ME, theres nothing wrong baby so take my hand and dance with me, because its ONLY a matter of time!
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PiperJane   Hey pookie hope ya have a good day at school and listen... you need to get up with me TODAY! somehow!
Wannagnomee   My dad might be shutting off my account. for further details of the incident please see ravenhawk, di, piper or myself via this website. until then idk whats happening. The Manhunt is on a Hold until i can further find out what will be happening.
Aqusinna   I know you Dad said something about "taking the bull by the horns", hopefully you get back soon.
PiperJane   act right Son and he won't have to ground ya lol! Luv ya!
Daniee   thank you so much :-)
PiperJane   you have sooo much to be happy for/ forget that douche-bag chik man! you are better than that1
PiperJane   ty CrimsonxStar!
Aqusinna   [link]
Aqusinna   link didnt take, going to have to copy and paste that into your browser
Wannagnomee   i wish i could be happy...she crushes me all the time...
PiperJane   and a big thanks to you for all of your hard work on your post lately! keep it up kid!!!
Wannagnomee   Big thanks to Celethras for the new Test realm forum, all of you go get to it!
Aqusinna   So, what are the goods on your prom?
Wannagnomee   i got dumped the nxt day :/
Xandorius   lol Piper
PiperJane   You are so freaking amazing and so adorable! I am adopting you! And might I add that you have NO say in the matter whatsoever!!! =)
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Wannagnomee   ok :)
Wannagnomee   Hi guys!
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