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RichardCatMan   hi pls.
CheckersFX   Hey qtpie
CheckersFX   Makes me wonder why I even try to play anymore, I come on only to be kicked and warned for breaking rules that don't even exist.
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CheckersFX   Multiple times*
Even after I stopped doing what I was doing*
GACKT   Oh man I knew this day would come.

CheckersFX   bro do u even lift
GACKT   Why are you here.
CheckersFX   because i love you!
Danny   Is it just me, or did you finally change your avatar picture?
GACKT   Checker's in RL.
CheckersFX   That was a year ago so I'll reply now! I don't even exist in RL so i doubt you've seen me sir.
GACKT   What the hell are you doin.
Lomanic   I fixed Bermuda on the new server so you have access to the whole island, and damn thats alot of chickens.
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DanniDorrito   Cant believe you cheated on my with your hand D:
CheckersFX   I'm back.
DanniDorrito   Lies </3
DanniDorrito   YAY YOUR BACK <3
jalIaf.   SUP SXY
MastaC729   Hey bitch
jalIaf.   Come back
DanniDorrito   Smell my armpit
Nuntius Lunae   I think he is ignoring you.
kutha1   W...tf
DanniDorrito   I thought it was love </3
DanniDorrito   SAY NO TO GACKT D:
DanniDorrito   NOU </3
DanniDorrito   You smell funny x
CheckersFX   Well that's mean
DanniDorrito   Its not, Im your wifey I need to make you feel smelly.
CheckersFX   SAY WHA
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sTrYk9   Whatup Checkers! :p
CheckersFX   Whats up man!!
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