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GingyCorn   hey
Ahri   My server will be up in a few weeks I need everyone who will ever want to play on it to Register please so we will know how big we will need it ^_^ Thank you for your time and we Hope to see you all there!!!! P.S all MelonCraft users get a Website Tag :) no additional perms just a cool Webside Tag :) Have a Great day and Hope to see you there
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emzie154   yeah babe ;)
Ahri   Thank you, Hope you Register and hope to see you there ^_^ Especially you Mr Scarramon xD
emzie154   you think i wouldnt go on your server?
IrradiatedKiller   answer me
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¤ iTz KrypTiic sc/\rRRaMoN ¤   Hey Notanoob.
Here's what you requested sir. Hope it's what your looking for. :d
Ahri   yyaaayyyy!!! :d Thank you!!!! :d
¤ iTz KrypTiic sc/\rRRaMoN ¤   No problem sir.
Ahri   this is where I will be retiring too if anyone wants to drop in and say Hi id love that ^_^ our server will be Survival.. basicly melon with diffrent rules and such like you can have a owner destroy a Spawner you find and move it for 10k :/ so basicly cheaper spawners a easier shop etc. but anyway I love MelonCraft and it is the reason I am making a server in its honor!!! Love you and will miss you all no homo to the guys!! <3 I will try to get on Melon for a minute or 2 occasionaly to say Hi to everyone <333
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Emmza97   :3 I love you!!!!!! <3
¤ iTz KrypTiic sc/\rRRaMoN ¤   Such a fantastic essay being presented to Enjin sir.
¤ iTz KrypTiic sc/\rRRaMoN ¤   Level #2. :p
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Emmza97   <3
¤ iTz KrypTiic sc/\rRRaMoN ¤   How cute.. NotaNoob and Emmza together. :p
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Emmza97   <3
Awab00   u online D:
Awab00   :lol:
Awab00   ur online?
Awab00   hey dude
Awab00   notanoob add me as friend I made a melon account :d
Rachel2244   Congrazt on VIP :)
DarkMatter   VIP :d
Ahri   Will be going to boot camp for 8 weeks in Great lake ill. When I get back I will start pumping money into my server and return our staff to their rightful place hopefully...If not I will be in need of new Staff...I will keep you all posted. Thank you all for hanging in there and have a GREAT day!
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Ahri   [link]
Rachel2244   i will wait .....
emzie154   lol :p
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