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This clan is based on training and playing along with friends that play league of legends.
Type: Guild
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Çhìèf | LoL
Çhìèf | LoL's Friends
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•LoL•™   Woah you have the same name as me LoL!
•LoL•™   Obviously I was talking about the game, :d
Çhìèf | LoL   I want to 1v1 every person in SH in League of Legends. Up for the challenge?
I have already bet Kush (Check the pictures) and currently asking if Yung wants to 1v1.
Çhìèf | LoL   That's over-exaggerating, it was more like 15
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   I see no reason to brag about beating Kush, he hasn't even gotten close to the amount of experience that you've had playing this game...
Kush   ? hurtful but true
Çhìèf | LoL   AND I'M BACK
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Oreos   Who're you again? XD
Kush   you fucking asshoe come join sH
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Funny how Regi wanted to RQ LoL when he lost to Azubu Frost lmao
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Good thing I have my...DIE MOVE! Ah Good Bye!! xD
Çhìèf | LoL   You've been watching dunkey haven't you -_-
DangerZ   LOL HAHAHAHAHHA we got the same amount of friends xD 75 LOOOOOOOL
DangerZ   Gratz to us
Çhìèf | LoL   ok
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Down right DARIUS!
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Çhìèf | LoL   zzz Dat Axe
Çhìèf | LoL   Leaving SSK and not joining any other clan. End of 'To Be' Discussion
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DangerZ   Ok
Prone   bye cheif :( cya around mate
§HIFTY   kk chief
Çhìèf | LoL   ZZZ Baylife TSM, Reginald, Dyrus, Xpecial, Chaox, General OddOne and Ex-Member The Rain Man.
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Çhìèf | LoL   Very easy if you know what he enjoys
§qÜÍĐ|Đяαgσиfιѕт   Azubu Frost is fucking ruthless lol
Çhìèf | LoL   yes what assholes
Oreos   Welcome back :d
§HIFTY   Sorry Chief no LoL today it seems the whole day im extremely busy i could play now but im out in 2 mins, i probably will have time tomorrow afternoon or evening depending on my client etc. but i have wednesday and friday off this week.
Çhìèf | LoL   ok thanks for letting me know i'll be on the whole day on enjin so just post on my wall when you are ready
[SSK]1NOnly (GRM)   Yeah thanks, which other onenonly ?
Çhìèf | LoL   there was another one that left some time ago
[SSK]Derpy   hey thanks...
Çhìèf | LoL   had to carry dangerz and jose so much in LoL
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§HIFTY   I have played DOTA before and LoL is derived from DOTA so there isnt much difference in how the skills or strategic gameplay, i have mastered DOTA so i think with given time and dedication i can surpass you or maybe not who knows. I will get it soon but not now :p
Çhìèf | LoL   I got first blood and that was autoattack and then you kept on ksing me with your q and i could not get any of my items and even thos you got all the kills you were pretty shit
Fuzz Ball 007 :3   there is quite a difference, mainly being its faster paced and more team focused. It's quite hard to hard carry your team ever with a few select heroes unless you get really really fed. The hypercarries in LoL aren't as strong as the ones in DotA or HoN
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